I'm Open Minded Unless You Aren't

I will not tolerate someone telling me that I'm wrong. Maybe it's not what you would do, but as long as I'm not hurting anyone on a physical level (unless they like that kind of thing), there is no reason for you to tell me how to live. For instance, I am not into "scat play" and I could never ever see any reason I would ever even think twice about doing it... But on the other hand, if that's what you and a willing partner wants to do, go for it! Enjoy, seriously! I want everyone to be excited about what they do even if I, myself, would not do it. Or another thing. I never want kids, but my best friend in the whole world always wanted to be a mother. That's awesome and even though we want different things out of life. Or one of the biggest arguement makers.... Religion. I don't have one. However, I have friends of every type of religion AND we can talk about our beliefs without fighting. How? Because we know that just because something works for one, does not mean it works for another.... But the fastest way to make me hate you is to tell me that you know how to live MY life better than I do. That's when I become closed-minded.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Let me tell you ,well put across.

Thank you