Lifestyle And Sexuality

Being judgmental seems to be real easy for us human beings! We may not think of it in those terms, but as soon as we exhibit negative thoughts about the behavior of other people, we're judging them.  As long as another person isn't committing a crime, why not let them express themselves in the manner of their choosing?

In most cases, when the matter of being "open minded" arises, we interpret it in terms of sexuality.  I don't think anyone here will deny the fact of nature that male and female bodies were designed to interact in one way and one way only.  For the purpose of procreation, that's the normal order of nature.  Of course, some will argue that today's scientific means of insemination negates the need for men and women to have direct contact "down there"!  Ha!!!  I'm not about to give up the feeling of putting my outtee in a woman's innee and having some serious closeness!

At the same time, since we humans were made to have an extremely pleasurable feeling during sex, who's to say it's wrong to have that feeling in same-gender situations?  If a sex act were simply instinctual as it is with most species, we would have far fewer of us on the planet and much less issue with sex offenses.  Since sex is made to be pleasurable and we can enjoy that pleasure alone with no help from anyone else, why should it be considered "wrong" if same-gender folks give each other a helping hand, so to speak?

What I'm saying here is the same thing I've said in other ways in other blogs:  Why not throw away all of the labels and just enjoy being "sexual"?

SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 10, 2012