I Love My New Home

EP is a wonderful community of people sharing experiences that are common to mankind. The variety of groups is extensive and appeals to nearly every experience imaginable, with the choice to start your own unique groups that appeals to your interests. I particularly enjoy the bells and whistles of sending gestures and gifts to your friends
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Isn't it amazing how people of all ages and walks of life share so much more than normally seems apparent? People seem to divide themselves judgementally by habit and yet when you pay attention to people with different views, the similarities are very heartening. It gives me hope that some day everybody will learn to be more understanding with each other and appreciate the things we share despite differences. We just have to try. :)

I agree, same here :)

I agree :-) I like it too ..

Hey Bornabrit. Glad you're having fun!

I am ,Glad your here :-)

Which kind of stories do you like? ;-)

From browsing about, all of the stories are heartfelt. Some are poetry, fiction, life experience, even venting. There are so many groups to join. I appreciate when people write from the heart without fear of condemnation.

Yes it is a view into a persons thoughts at a given point in time.