A True Day

The room was empty we sat
across each other, she counting my every word at times holding my knee with
her tender hand. It was at this moment that I asked her to continue the
chat at the Tea house. We grabbed our bags and mats and headed for my
car. The short trip to the shop we occasionally touched hands as I would
reach for the shift gear. Looking deep into her eyes I could feel a warmth
building inside of me. My juices where flowing like volcanic lava, my yoga
pants completely soaked. I noticed my nipples where erect and feeling
sensitive to the touch of the organic cotton bra I was wearing. I could
feel every fiber caress my nipples. We ordered morrocan mint green tea and
sat at the corner table near the window. The booth was somewhat tight, I
could feel her leg brush against mine. As we chatted she would let her hand
rest atop mine, making my heart pound and the walls of my ***** quiver with
anticipation. Time seemed to be standing still as I melted in admiration of
such angelic beauty. Her eyes were large and blue, her beautiful blond hair
tucked behind her ears. Her arms were strong with long beautiful fingers. I
could see she was a 36C, her beautiful breasts almost protruded from her
sports bra. I was awoken from my daydream when she said:

" let's go to my home."

I noticed she was also eyeing me out the whole time we were
together. Walking into the elevator she grabbed me by my waist pushed me
close to her, our lips met for the first time. I thought I was going to
melt in her hands.

" I've been wanting to do that for a long time " she said.

We kissed the whole ride up to the tenth floor,separating only to enter her
home. She led me to the room and sat me on the bed. She then said,

" I've been fantasizing about you ever since the first day you entered the

I responded:

" Me too Lena, I just didn't know the feeling was mutual."

With that she pulled my shirt and bra in one swift move, she then began to
kiss me around my neck slowly sliding down to my very erect nipples. She
sucked and pulled gently on each one. Her hands made their way down to my
waist to remove the totally drenched nickers I was wearing. I felt her hand
slide near my mound, caressing my inner thighs near my vaginal folds. I was
shaking holding back the ****** that had been threatening to explode since
the start of the class that morning. She stopped and began to undress
herself, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to me. I began to
savor her delectable breast, her skin felt soft to my tongue. I continue
making a trail from her breast to her navel down to her very moist *****. I
traced my tongue around her erect ****, softly cupping it in my mouth, the
sweet taste of her juices made mine flow incessantly. She then pulled me up
to her face, kissing me and taking a taste of her own sweet nectar. She
laid me on my back and mounted me in a 69 position. We both made contact in
a synchronous motion. We licked our ******* echoing each others move, I
entered her vagina with my tongue as my fingers slid inside of her. First
one finger then another, I could feel her reciprocating as wave of passion
began to flow from my heart through my gut into my inner walls, I could
feel an ****** building up to an explosion. We buckled in each others
mouth, our hearts and vaginal walls pounding in rhythmic motion. The smell
of sex was making us drunk with love. I raised my body up to hers to find
her face, we kissed and then I felt a second gush of passion run through my
inner walls. The afternoon was not over..

She pulled her arm to the night table grabbing a two sided *****. With a
naughty smile, she asked me to turn around , I lifted my *** up to her, she
slowly and gently slid the silicon toy inside of me'. Her hand wet from
both of our juices now caressed my *** trying to find it's way into my
crack. I felt her finger slide inside my anus. My body trembled with
desire. Both ***** and finger now gliding in and out in sequence. I was
about to explode for a second time when she withdrew holding me close to
her. I could feel her breast against my back, and her heart pounding as was
mine. She turned me around once more, now facing each other she slid inside
of me!as she brought her lips to mine we kissed. Our tongues embracing each
other, she pounded into me, our vaginal lips touching as she came in
deep. She slid in and out, every time time I could feel her thrusts making
my walls swell with passion. As i would begin to feel the gush of an ******
build inside of me, she would stop the rhythm prolonging the desire. We
would kiss and slowly she would begin her thrusts. Our bodies were covered
with sweat, our hearts pounding in unison.

" I cant hold it anymore!"

i exclaimed.

" I know.Kat, I'm going to let you come hard now." she stated.

She then resumed her motion. She pounded hard into my ****, I began to feel

"OH my God I'm going to explode..!!" i screamed over and over.

Lena pounded harder and faster.

"I want you to come now with me, Kat."

The harder she pounded, I could feel her reach my G-spot with every
thrust. I began to feel heat building all over my body , one final thrust
until we both exploded our juices into each other. She collapsed into my
body. I could feel the weight of her body anchor mine beneath it. Our
hearts raced, our bodies covered with sexual sweat, we lay motionless in an
embrace held together by the silicon toy deep inside our throbbing *****..

karin12 karin12
22-25, F
Sep 15, 2012