Can Be Circumstantial But Overall Yes.

I am very accepting to most packages a person come in. We've us all a shield we put up around us, or a mask if you will that we hide behind. Having met people who in the obvious, show them selves to be one way, is often hardly the case. It turns out that people, all people are just simply...Weird. In a bad way though? No, most certainly not; besides who would I be to speak on such a level?

I did say am "circumstantial" with my open mind, so what does that mean? Well friends, it means that I will tolerate nearly any type of person except a very few. One thing that closes me is the person who lives a lie, be it one they feed me or one they feed them selves, I am not so open minded on a lie. Aside from this I can accept most anyone every way they come; I find the weirder the better! All I truly ask when you around me is, just be your self and I will accept you.

Does it mean we are going to be compatible say... As friends? Not necessarily, but it does mean that your still accepted around me.
dragonsteel dragonsteel
26-30, M
Sep 19, 2012