Dont Hesitate.

Being open-minded, even at the point that it could offend, should not be frowned upon as it is by our current social norm. As long as your rhetoric isnt racist or anything at that level, sharing your mind openly and with a average level of boldness is completely healthy. It helped me become less of an implosive person. I use to just let stuff build up in my mind that I wanted to address to people, but i found out that it was doing damage to my physical health, consequently giving me hypertension. Then, I started becoming a lot more opinionated, and surprisingly, I wasnt criticized as much as i thought I would be. Also, it really relieved a lot of stress, now that I know that people know who I truly am, and can do with that information as they want, and nothing is buried deep inside anymore to stress me out. So, next time you are holding back something that is on the tip of your tongue that dont think you need to say, just let it come out, and i assure you it will feel like a large weight has been lifted off of you, despite how offensive it may be to the person you are debating with. Their reaction is on them, just make sure you dont get strung out on your open-mindedness that you cross any moral lines, and you will be fine, and less stressful.
KW444 KW444
26-30, M
Sep 20, 2012