A Clear Understanding Of Being Open Minded

I consider myself being open-minded even though I think I'm right about different things. I know I can be wrong also. I'm willing to listen and hear others fairly contemplating on views that are opposing or contradicting while holding my own stance on issues. I don't try to exclude nor hold grudges against people because of their own opinions are different from mines.

Just because I consider myself being open-minded; sexual advances tend to surface. It tickle me so. I had to look up the definition on being open-minded. Okay, being open-minded can also mean being submissive to any and everything due to new sexual gratifications, but that's not the reason why I consider myself being open-minded..

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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

Right. I joined this group based on what you wrote in the first paragraph. And was surprised when these sexual things started showing up. There you go, in English, most words have several meanings.

I knoooooooooooowwwww...I was really being sarcastic...lol

lol Some times I take things fairly literal, thus missing the sarcasm.

Yes, you're right words do have different meanings. It was an inside of experience for me..What people type, write, say, or even being in a group always get misinterpret..