I abhor people who are so closed-minded and shallow that they think some of their fellow humans shouldn't be allowed the same rights and privileges they get. 

I don't judge people on the color of their skin or their sexual preferences or their size or shape or whether or not they graduated from college.  I give everyone the same chance and acceptance until their ACTIONS deem otherwise. 


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You think you must be liberal for that?<br />
I'm a republican a member of the GOP I hold no prejudices ask my black friends ask my Asian friends ask my gay friends <br />
Yes I oppose gay marriage only due to it being origanly a religious ceremony and I think religion ownes marriage and therefore their doctrine should govern it <br />
Also I noticed you didn't put religious preference in your list why? Do you loathe religion due to the steriotypes your party put forth? Are you or have you closed your mind to a few selective things? <br />
<br />
With all due respect,<br />

That describes the way I hope people will think one day! Because preconcieved notions about people of different background hold human beings back!

Thanks, Dolly!!

It's a good way to live. :)

Thanks to you both!!