Ever Notice

Have you ever noticed that those who claim to be open minded are usually not at least in one area or another. I think that is because it is impossible to be open minded about everything. Just saying you are open minded means that you are close minded against those who are not open minded in that same vein of thought.

For instance, many would agree that people should not discriminate based on the race of a person. But does that also mean, that the same people are not open minded or tolerant of those who do discriminate based on the race of a person. And why is such discrimination protection extended to only certain groups, and not to all groups? In the United States, there are various programs in place such as affirmative action, to ensure groups which at one time were minorities in the work place were able to stay in the workplace. Yet, now, in some fields, the minority is no longer of a group that would typically be considered a minority, but the educated white male instead. I remember, seeing a large company advertising their diversity polices and encouraging minorities to make support groups. Then seeing how they shuddered when a minority group called Go to the light, I'm white was formed.

Another common theme of late is one of sexual inclinations. I remember a few years ago at work, we were told that we must tolerate and understand the individuals who chose to cross dress in the work place. Yet, by being understanding and tolerant of one group of choice indirectly we are pushing those who do not believe in such expressions into the same corner that previously those who cross dressed were in. Quite frankly I could care less one way or the other about what a person chooses to wear to work or does in their private time. But I also remember an individual getting fired because they requested a new desk location so they would not have to have one who cross dressed in their direct line of sight while at the office.

Is it open minded to say you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't impact me? Or is that statement in itself close minded since things which don't impact me do impact someone somewhere? By ignoring that, does it mean I am not open minded, or does it just make an individual self centered and is self centered really that wrong?

Is it open minded to say, I'll try anything once, maybe twice to make sure the first time was not a bad experience? Gee, I hope that people do not really mean "anything" when they say that. The term limits is used in many walks of life. Everyone has limits, no matter what they claim. Sometimes they just do not yet know what they are. Yet, if someone repeatedly says otherwise, run as fast and as hard as you can in the opposite direction!

So ... am I open minded? Probably not, because I believe that everyone, even those who many would relegate to small close minded groups have a right to exist and believe how they wish. At the moment, I am not sure what that does make me though ... naive perhaps?

rhapzody rhapzody
46-50, F
Dec 1, 2012