Insecure? .-.

I kind of need some advice. Well maybe just an opinion? So last night i was on facebook. And this girl Yessica message me. We weren't really friends &'d we never really talked. But out of the kindness of my heart i would message her &'d tell her she was beautiful &'d to keep her head up. Because she was going through alot. So i would message her about everyday to try &'d make her day. &'d she would do the same for me. Well back to the part where she messaged me. She put "I'm jealous of you" So i was just like "Um why?" Then she replied " Your too purty" Me; "Your beautiful!" THEN! She hit me with it! "That's why Adrian left me for you? Ha yeah whatever" I didn't reply only because i was going to EXPLODE! I was with the guy for 5 months. WAY BEFORE she even met him. We broke up. Then he went with her. But i guess he wasn't ready for a different relationship? He still wanted to be with me? Is it my fault we had a history before she even came along? She said she understood. But i knew deep down she hurt. I tried talking to her about it. But ****! This girl is probably prettier then me, Telling me she's jealous of me? I'm the type to be VERY OPEN MINDED. But i don't know if it's right for this situation? I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!
YoungFearless YoungFearless
22-25, F
Dec 3, 2012