Are There Such Males Out There That Are Interested In Deepening Friendships With Females And Not Wanting Sex

I have had such a terrible experience of males in my life.. and i am looking to find males to relate to on a deep friendship level. Someone to talk too and in return be there to listen too them. I would like to deepen my awareness of how i relate to males without being judged and be respected for the real me. I feel i have the capacity to be there for the other without it becoming my story too. Just wonder if there are males out there that have the same capacity and willing to let me experience males different than what i have always known. I am hoping people like this do exist.
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I'm actually quite good at being friends with women. I probably had more female friends than male friends in high school and even through some of college. I currently have more male friends, but I view people as people. The only time I view women sexually is when I choose to do so. Sex is often quite literally the last thing on my mind. Don't get me wrong; I have my days where my mind is very dirty, but for the most part, there are tons of things I find much more interesting than genital stimulation. But yeah, I am a pretty good listener, and I like to think I give pretty good advice on topics in which I'm knowledgeable. As for the topics in which I'm not knowledgeable, I can still do my best.


I am newly engaged and deeply in love with a wonderful woman. Im certainly not after sex with anyone else.

As a friend, I've always preferred women, being uncomfortable around men.

Don't know that I can change your perception of men...but I listen well..offer advice that I don't use...and I am not qualified to judge I don't.:)

the best lovers are kind of like best friends, no? I have female friends. Quite deep ones. Some of them you could say I wanted more from but contented myself with what I got. I think a lot of people think that's impossible but I don't dog them for more or think that everytime they say something ambigous suddenly they can be mine.My friend lisa. She's a lesbian. I Like her but I don't harass her to be with me. Persistence will NOT pay off so why bother. I'd rather enjoy what I had. If you're after someone safe you can say hi. I've got quite a story about how I ended up the way I ended up. Suffice it to say that i witnessed from the 3rd hand women going through terrible experienes with boys even as a small child and even before I'd EVER experienced attraction to one so i'm a pretty staunch feminist. I'm not a typical guy though by a long shot. WAYYYY out there into the feminine column and proud of it.