Stuffing My ***** Full

My husband said he knew the night of our first date he was 16 and I was 17 but he got into my panties that first night. I let him suck my **** at first and made a week attempt at stopping him from getting inside my panties but miutes later they were on my living room floor beside my pants he had taken off seconds beforehand. I remembered how bad I wanted him to **** me since it had been about 7 weeks since I had my last ****. I had dropped in on my old boyfriend which happened to be my first and only one at the time at his dorm room because I was horny as hell knowing he would take it again if offered and I was right because he ****** me everyway possible the 6 hours I was there and we wasted no time in getting started since after about 10 minutes of chit chat I excused myself to the restroom BECAUSE i KNEW HE WOULD NOT TRY ONE THING SINCE HE DUMPED ME TOWARD THE END OF SUMMER BECAUSE HE COULD **** ME UNTIL THEN AND HE KNEW IT. I began dating him at 15 while he was 18 and just going into his last year of high school.and it took him until January to **** me then and I gave every hint I knew of to entice him but he never tried. Once we began ******* he would **** me on every date and do me again after he return me home in our living room. John had an extra thick **** with his length being somewhat large also for a white male with it measuring 9 and a half inches long and right at 6 inches in girth just 2 inches short of being as round as a beer can. He took my cherry on a Sunday night on his grandpa's farm after we left evening church service in the back of his mothers Grandville. John ****** me over 2 hours that first night with us getting so hot inside the car I took it upon myself to cool things off so I climbed out of the backseat of the car sitting in some woods and walked around to the front bending over the hood facing him still sitting in the car and motioned for him to come to me. When John as naked as I was walked to the front to join me I ask if he would do me doggie as I hiked my *** upward after spreading my legs further apart to give him better access to my fresh ****** hungry ****. I SEEN a shocked look across his face as he made his way around behind in silence stepping between my wide spread legs he pushed his hard **** past my spread open ***** lips thrusting himself down to his large set of balls on the first stroke banging his balls against my **** making me let out a small yelp which started his motor going because he never let up pounding my ***** like a dog in heat with his balls slapping my engorged **** giving it a spanking I will always remember since it gave me my very first ****** sending me into orbit as he continued to plow my first time ****. During our 2 year courtship I ****** and sucked him everytime we went out the final 14 months trying every kind of position he and I could think of and I was the first girl to suck his big **** and I sucked it everytime we got inside the car going to and from where ever I had my head in his crotch just about the entire ride. He would pick me up on SUNDAY afternoon at 5 then drive about 45 minutes to where he went to church at with me sucking his **** until he pulled into the church parking lot. He use to fuss at me because he had to hid his hard on as we walked inside the church for evening service which began at 6 was over at 7 afterwards the 2 of us were parked 15 more minutes down the road on his grandpa's farm in our own place in the woods off the road. I was naked before we even arrived and most time sucking his big **** again. During those last 14 months he and I ****** 178 times never using a condom with John blasting many loads inside my hungry ***** but I was never even late one time for my period. After ******* him the last time in his dorm room we never did it again but my husband which was my second boyfriend knew better but little did I know it did not make him mad but turned him on for me to be doing it before we met. I on the other hand denied ******* him for several years before confessing I did and quite a number of times also. He got me to give him details after my confession while we ****** with my details of our sexcapdes really getting him hotter the more I told him. He knew right away what and who I was but everyone else had me convinced that I was miss prim and proper but on the inside I was the best *** **** in town. I was 45 before I accepted what I am and let me tell u I am trying to make up for lost time never saying no and ******* every man who ask and aking is all it takes to get into my panties and that is if I am wearing any.
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You are a great wife with an open mind.

I am a nympomaniac with a great husband