Live And Let Live!

I have come from a very controlling religious background. You are brainwashed to only accept those who are in the same religion. Everyone else is "WORLDY" and satanic filled with hate, lust, greed, and is evil.

I CALL BULLSHIT!!!!  Come as you are, I don't care, and I don't judge*! I've learned a lot about myself from getting to know all of you evil heathens! I feel like I fit in nicely!

*(Except some of those taboo sex stories REALLY???  ... People those are not cool)
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And so... I've been living a semi Christian lifestyle. I've just had an interesting discussion with two bearded men going door to door. Imagine that... They thought that they had awaken me from my slumber, and yes they did. However, I invited them in to hear their message about 12-21, the upcoming end of the world. Needless to say that the discussion was short-lived as we began to discuss the mysterious Bible book of Revelation. They plucked two red books from my living room book shelf one entitled Babylon the Great has fallen, the other was entitled Revelation... Well, must I say that they want to return to my home in order to discuss those books. I told them to read them and keep them as long as they desired. We can all learn from each other, we just have to listen in order to hear what's being said.

Who was it? Not Mormons?

An evil heathen. The only way to be. Sure I am one of those. Looking back at where I started, am probably labeled as a black sheep.

I don't really think anyone is an evil heathen.

It's my view of what I think my religious family would view me as. Not a christian, tending toward earth based. Heathen - non christian. Evil - on wrong path.

Who says it's the wrong path?

Oh, I am sure that it is the right path for me. The search is what matters. Question everything. Figure out what works for you.

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