Mark Sexual Story

when mark was about 33yrs. old he started experiencing strange feelings for men after mark had sucked his friend jason **** &got ****** by jasons 3in.out of 8in.****.then after mark was having dreams of sucking any guys *****&it would not matter how big,thick,or wide mark at that point was very curious about his sexuality.when mark used to take the bus he start to look at men differently like he would start to ask himself questions like how big or how wide or how thick would their ***** be.then mark would go home&start to wonder what would it be like if i could suck&swallow a guys **** or even think about riding a guys ****&then getting slammed by a guy.finally to get bent over and have a guy stick his **** up marks *** &**** him like a ***** that mark is until that guy comes up marks *** then that guy would bend mark over his knees and start to SPANK marks BARE BOTTOM until the guy could not SPANK mark any longer.a couple years later mark started to have dreams about another friend of his and his name would be doug.sometimes he would dream about doug so much mark actually thought he was getting ****** by doug even though mark was in his pajamas.during the time between the two complex that i lived at i found a plunger that actually looked like a **** and mark used the plunger to shove up his *** and bring it back&forth like he was getting ****** by a black guy.mark every time mark was alone he used to shove this plunger up his ***.after that mark used to spank himself a lot some times until his but got day marks friend ruby came over and mark asked ruby if she would spank mark BARE BOTTOM and ruby answers yes so mark pulls his pants&underwear down and hands a ping-pong paddle to ruby &mark says SPANK me as hard as you ruby brings up the paddle as high as she can &brings down the paddle as hard as she can on marks *** for at least 20 SPANKINGS.AFTER that mark thanked ruby for SPANKING him.a few years later mark had to move to a different complex one day mark calls up doug and says to doug if i suck&swallow&ride&get slammed by you &get ****** by you and also SPANKED by you i will be your *****.i will be ready to do what ever you want at any day it was dougs birthday and doug came to marks work &mark told doug that he would have to wait until mark got off work.when mark got off work he told doug to come to the bus stop &come with him to his apartment so doug did.mark&doug then went into mark apartment and told doug to go the bathroom and doug did.then mark brought down dougs pants&underwear all the way down.then mark began to suck dougs **** until it got big then doug said to mark i thought you were going to suck&swallow my ****.so mark went into the bathroom again and started to suck &jeck his **** until he came in marks mouth.then doug tells mark that was best suck his **** ever had after that doug feel a this day i still feel like i should of went and done everything that i wanted to do but i did this day if i ever see doug again i don't think that i will hesitate to do everything that i want to do which includes sucking&swallowing his **** and also riding his ****&also having him slam me as hard as he can then when he is done with that all he will have to do is bend me over &**** me like a *****&then i would allow him to bend me over his knees and SPANK me as hard as he can.when he is satified ******* me&SPANKING me.all that matters is that doug would be happy with what he got.after that mark would give doug it any time he wanted.the end
4eagles 4eagles
Dec 16, 2012