The Eyes Give You Away

When I meet someone for the first time I look into their eyes. I do not always remember the color but I seem to sense something behind them which is difficult to define. I would not usually say I'm psychic but I have leaned not to ignore the impression I get when I do this. I have also learned to regard this impression more highly than this persons alleged beliefs or anything else they say about themselves. When I neglect to do this eyeball check I often end up regretting it. I'm not sure exactly what I get from it. There is no audible sound or voice and no specific information or facts that always come with it but the impression is more real to me than my own beating heart. This experience is more than a feeling, much more. By itself it would not count as evidence in court as proof of someone's intent towards me but it's usefulness is more immediate than that. It can happen face to face while I am in conversation with someone or it can happen across a busy crowded room. Line of sight seems to be more important than proximity. It has never happened in conversation over the telephone. I rarely gamble but this experience does not come to me in connection with poker machines, card games or other games of chance. It is always between me and one other person usually in my immediate circle. On one occasion in the middle of the night it concerned a close family member who was hundreds of miles away at the time. I had not been getting along with this person very well and I tried to shake this experience off for some days or weeks but I could not. Eventually I decided to move to another city so that I could visit them without having any other information about them. I found her in a state of abject misery and distress. Her 'husband' was taking liberties with a free love cult and she was left with no peace, no security, no money to live on, no hope for the future and no real home. She had been in a terrible state and I had not welcomed this 'distress call', but had I not responded that situation could easily have ended in suicide. I have no idea how to explain these experiences but whether they are spiritual in nature or something more natural there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence about them in our language. expressions like "the eyes are the windows to the soul", and "if looks could kill", "bright eyed" or "shifty eyed" and "he looked at me with a steely gaze" and "he looked daggers at me" all indicate that other people have had this experience too and it is common enough to "put a phrase into the language". Language develops slowly over time and these ideas only take hold if they resonate with an experience that is fairly common. On other occasions I have noticed friends or colleagues look at me with a docile smile but eyes like a crouching tiger ready to strike. I do not think I am sick or deluded. I consider this a part of being human. People seldom talk about it but the evidence is in our language and ideas. It is a fairly common experience.
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I've heard the eyes are the window to the soul. I often find myself averting people's eyes when they look into mine, there is so much there and so little I have answers for.

The eyes have a larger vocabulary than the mouth and lie less. I always read them, sometimes more so than listening to what is being voiced, that way I am lied to less!

Well said. My story about the close family member hundreds of miles away went a bit off topic since on that occasion there was obviously NO eye contact but I just 'knew' in my spirit something was terribly wrong. I rarely if ever, have these experiences in conversation. They are more common with eye contact. Very occasionally as in my story they come to me in a dream.