Dark Secret That I Can Finally Vent.

Sorry if I offend anyone, but have never been able to tell anyone about this. I'm married to a wonderful husband, and have been for the past 4 years. We like to have friends over and just hang out and drink and grill 1-2 nights a week. My husband has a best friend that he literally grew up with since he was 4. Well for the past 3+ years I would say that 90% of the time after we're all pretty drunk I have either sucked his best friends ****, or sucked him and him **** me. I never feel bad about it because I'm drunk, and its never about making love. The husband has no clue. I hope I don't sound to crazy.
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I am a man who love to wear floral bathing caps and some red rubberswimshoes when I am swimming.
But I feel a bit humiliated when the women on the beach look at me.

What do you think of that??

Well fellow Ep'er I will tell you this for fact as I was in the same situation for 20+ yrs

It all started back around the age of 20. We grilled and partied at each other's place's on the weekends. My bestie bud whom I grew up and went to school with married a chick I really never liked. I actually used to tease her and call her names in school. It didn't take much beer too get Billy drunk an he would always passout early for the night. His wife and I had be flirting around and even after having 1 kid with him, age was doing her right. Anyhow to make a long story short we began in ******* behind his back. But wasn't enough thrill so we started ******* right in front of him. All he had to do was open his eyes. Not once but hundreds of times. He never did catch us like that. One night 7 yrs into it they invited me over to grill for the night. After dinner I grabbed a beer an sat in the recliner, pretending to be passed out from drinking. While waiting for him to pass out, I ended up falling asleep. I woke several hrs. later he had went to the bedroom and his wife was asleep on the couch. I quietly got out of the recliner an started swapping spit and fingering his now aroused wife on the couch. We were getting into it pretty heavy when out of no where BILLY says that will be enough of that get the **** out of my house. Me and Billy never spoke again. I continued to see his wife for almost 13 more yrs with them not living together, but still married. One day out of the blue she quit talking too me and thats the last i spoke of her two. So lots of broken hearts, jus be ready too have your's broke too!!!!

Are you that attracted to the friend that sexually
or does your husband just not make you wet anymore? Curious older man!

obviously, you're not getting what you want or need from hubby... that's all it is.

if the guy is really your husbands friend , then he would have told your husband after the first time. You shouldnt use being drunk as an excuse to justify cheating. If you enjoy cheating on a man who does you right and really is wonderful, thats your choice and fine, but you obviously know what you are doing so dont say its ok cuz you were drunk. IF you found of you husband had been screwing someone you cared for and told you it was because he was drunk would you accept that as ok? Dont get me wrong im not offended or trying to condem you, nothing like that. If youd be happy with him screwing other ladies because he is drunk, and he likes you screwing his friend great more power to ya. Nothing wrong with swingers, nothing wrong with an open relationship. But if he put trust and confidence that you would be faithful to him and your not thats between you and your hubby, but he deserves to know. If your not happy in a monogamous relationship wiht him you should let him know. MY last gf i told her flat out, I wanted her to be faithful to me but im not going to be to her, and if she isnt to me we dont have to be in a relationship. Im not going to lie to her, im not going to change who i am. She was very attracted to women so it worked out well and she was ok with it. so long as she knew the girl and had no problem. and so long as i wasnt going to leave her for some other girl i slept with. I was ok wiht her being with other females but never another man. There are psycologically and physical reasons why i feel like that not just out of being "selfish". While some may think im making an excuse for it like i think being drunk is an excuse, i was always honest with my partner not doing this without their knowledge. Esp since you can put your partner at risk by your actions.

I see nothing wrong with what you are doing. And since you been doing over four years why not continue? It is obvious that both the you are well satisfied with that, and enjoy it. I can't think of a single reason the world. To stop. You don't sound crazy, it's just enjoying sex. Keep enjoying.

Go for it -enjoying life means a full and healthy sex life. I like variety in sex in what I do and who it's with. It makes you really sexy-keep goingX

I see nothing wrong with as he's been your husband's friend for so many years. You two pleasure each other and if truth be known, I believe this would arouse your man and possibly his wife too? All is well, that ends well!

to be honest, i think being drunk is just an excuse for doing it. you enjoy what you're doing, and there's nothing wrong with that. though i'm sure my views are not shared by everyone. i think that all wives, and all women really, should **** anyone they want. husbands, on the other hand, should **** only their wives, with 3 exceptions - 1. their wife agrees 2. their wife takes part, or 3. the wife is getting ****** by the woman's husband. i'm sure many of the men will disagree, but some may understand.

I find your response to be very well thought out!

I agree with you. I think all wives should be encouraged by their husbands to **** any man they want whenever they want. The husband should never have sex with another woman except under the terms you listed.

Just be careful. The real culprit here is the guy more than you in my opinion.

I don't think that you are crazy. I just think you like sex more than your husband can provide, that it's a physical need that isn't closely entwined with your emotional needs, and when you're drinking and the opportunity for sex avails itself you don't want to deny yourself what you need. My only worry is that if your husband ever finds out, he will not be able to understand that aren't in love with his best friend, and will see your frequent drunk-sex encounters with his friend as you wanting to be with his friend more than him.

Very well stated and a truism!

I bet yer husband loves to show you off. Loved reading your tale!

I mean its not crazy just put yourself in your husbands shoe like how would you feel if he hassex with your best friend behind your back and everyday your best friend smile and everything in your face and so is your husband you'd be crushed once you find out. If you really really love your husband just dont do it anymore its a woman thing not anything else. And I hope you dont feel offened by my comment I only expressed myself because if your husband is good to you you dint want to lose a real man over some other type of man who bumps his best friends wife on the down low. Js

That's dirty lol

Not crazy....but if he is your husband's best friend there might be some hard feelings if he finds out

Have your husband eat his friends cream pie from your ***** right after he ***** you. If he says nothing, it's cause he knows and approves of what your doing

Im quite sure he knows... By the way you didnt sound crazy at all.

If you like it keep doing it !!

Oooooh sound gud just for the thrill oh yes great ned more

So, you're an attention seeker?

I am ready:)

You are kinky. We are a couple and invite you to play dare games with us over the internet.

I am ready:)

lucky blok .
i wish i be your husband's friend LOL

Sucking dirt out of it then later kissing your husband,sounds like your husband is up for leftovers but unaware and you are risking your marriage by chances taken by your husb friend out there,imagine sicknesses brought to the marriage by a friend but no stone shall be left unturned and keep that to your thick skull

Do what you want to do but don't hurt your hubby.Thats all i can say.
Enjoy..... But without hurting others.

Whatever works for you.

If it were me I would want to watch and join in but the is just me!!!

If you do not feel guilty, then why write about it?

The husband usually wants to watch and/or participate in situations like this

Desire, is a hard thing! Keeping your libido satisfied, being under the influence and having the "board with the every day" can cause people to do things that just seem right. Sounds like you had a blast, and about now I could probably do the same things if given the chance. I don't thought (and I am in a sexless relationship) because I find the intimacy I have more satisfying then the sex I don't. But to be honest a little something on the side if it could be would be a great moment. But I don't cause I can't handle being guilty. I really wish though that your partner and you could ignite a new spark.. I'm always up for adding new things. The only way to add new things in a relationship is to be outgoing adventuresome and forward. Just make it what you want

Everybody does things an it doesnt make them bad ppl! It jus means yall know how to keep things alive!

So you are pleasing and having sex with your husbands childhood friend... Not guilty because of intoxication but I wonder if you feel the same sober. All I am going to say is that if I were your the feeling of betrayal would be earth shattering, considering it does not seem like you are in an open relationship. I have seen some say it is just sex and maybe for you it is. However, you married this man and grew as a couple. Just my opinion here and I wish the best for you and yours, but I would have to wonder how much you love this husband of yours.

Have you ever seen the movie "temptation" it's a Tyler perry movie please watch it. U won't cheat anymore lol.

Sex doesn't require being in love, it doesn't require being drunk, it can be just a form of pleasurable recreation, why should you be concerned about it?

Very interesting story! I would like to know more.

Again, grass is always greener. You will get caught. Its not a matter of if, its more of a WHEN you get caught. Is the suck and **** worth your marriage and the loss of his best bud since childhood.
Start talking about ********** when you are having sex, get very turned on. Then let your husbands dirty mind run with it. When he asks, and he will, bring up his best buddy's name as a possibility. In time, he will want to make your fantasy come true. And you can do it with out the sneaking around. Just be ready to see your husband with another woman's mouth on his ****.
Sorry to be blunt, but playing with fire and you will always get burnt

Not crazy. Kind of hot ;)

well if u enjoi it and dont consider it cheating... then there is no problem... but make sure dont hurt ur husband in the process