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Mutual ************-Sibling

Anyone here ever *********** with your sibling? Or even talked about ************ with them? Just curious.
lovemylife97 lovemylife97 16-17, M 34 Responses Oct 5, 2013

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Yes I have done it with my brothers.

I did, me and my little sister did it for a while just ************ that all, wen I moved we did it over fone until we decided to stop it, was fun to made us really close and we bonded in a deep deep way

Used to let the boy in the next bed in the dorm play with my **** at night. Also let my friends ********** me sometimes and sometimes they just grabbed me and did it lol

I jerked off in my cousins bikini bottom, hung it back up on the shower curtain rod and she put them on a few hours later. That was an amazing feeling watching her wear 'em.

Yes, I have.


No but I wish I could sometimes

Did not happen in our household - it it happened and we got caught the sky would have fallen! I had a pair of canvas tennies with lovely gummy herringboned patterned soles - they really turned me on. I could not resist ************ with the soles, but could not confide with anyone I did it. Thinking back, and if I knew then what I know now it would have been fun in a way.

Our three daughters used to ********** not only next to each other, but actually did each other.

My two daughters shared a bedroom for many years and they frequently *********** together. Not hiding their bodies at all while they pleasured themselves. I suspect they did each other on occasion but I never witnessed that. Kinda like one of those don't ask, don't tell things. They both turned out just fine so I don't think there was any harm done.

Agreed. Open sexuality, even shared sexuality, is not harmful if taught just how wonderful and natural it is.

Yes, open sexuality and shared experiences was okay in my household. Not everyone will agree with that but every family is different. Sexuality is not black/white/right/wrong.

Nice to see all the responses. I've embraced my sexuality for a very long time. Love to indulge, in pursuit of mutual pleasure. Open to chatting w/any of an open mind and imagination. My YIM is Stilldoinit.

did you ever do it with your sister?

My sister and I did.

Not myself. But our three daughters did with each other as they developed sexual feelings. My wife and I see sex as the most wonderful and natural part of life, so no way did we tell them to stop.

Yes... I did a lot with my cousin growing up... and watched my younger brother learn his way around for a while... it was innocent I think... we are all married now and doing fine....

I have not but always wanted too

I ********** with all four of my sisters. I sometimes **** the two older ones.

PLeased to read this!! Too many people teach their children and teens that sex is dangerous and wrong.
Our three girls all *********** each other, and as they became sexually active they often shared boy friends.

me and my best friend used to sit up in my room and do it in front of eachother

Want to do it with me?

With my cousin!

All the time with my older brother and twin sister, normal natural curiosity and sexual experimentation as youngsters growing up!

Never, a couple times with friends @ sleepovers in Jr.high

Never did with a sibling since I only had my sister ..BUT: my cousins and I were the same age .. we talked about it , and did it together and even for each other until we were in our early 20's ....

Never with a sibling but when as a Jr high kid @ a sleepover once, a friend had media promoting the activity

I also got it on with a friends 1 grade below us younger sister, who actually was my age!

Sister. And mom.

I have. Can share if u wish

Can you share this story with me please? X

Older brother, yes. Older sister, more than ************. Etc.


I had experience with a female friends older sister once! Girl from my grade wasn't home, I arrived to hang out with her, older sister entertained me instead!


I never did this activity with a sibling. Several times @ Jr. High sleepovers with certain male friends. Someone would bring xxx, media, I never really approved of that stuff

My older brother and i used to fairly frquently. I dont see anything wrong with it!

with my brother . we watched each other one time and then touched each other another

At what ages were you?

A little before, he asked how to and I plainely told him how. Nothing became of it and I'm glad to of told him how.

Yes. When we were teens, my brother and I sometimes would jack off so we could see each other ***, but we never touched each other. We usually did it in a park on the river. We could always find a spot in the bushes where we would be seen, unzip, let the ***** poke out of our pants, and rub or stroke ourselves until we came. I also used to like to **** my undies before *******, but he did not. We have not done this since our teens, but I still beat the meat often.

Very natural and very pleasurable. where do you ********** now? and do you ever chat on yahoo