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Mutual ************-Sibling

Anyone here ever *********** with your sibling? Or even talked about ************ with them? Just curious.
lovemylife97 lovemylife97 18-21, M 48 Responses Oct 5, 2013

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Yes sis and me

yes often with my brother

So far as relations go, only with my cousin, a boy a couple of years older than I and it never got as far as ************, just fiddling about

yes many times...i think its awesome


guilty my brother and I **********

I *********** my brother a few times over the years to help him out

How did that come about happening?

pm me and I tell you

I have spied on my younger sister a few times while she's been touching herself.

I didn't have a sister but I did often with my first cousin. She loved to watch me ***.

All the time, though now we 69 and have sex with d*ldos and such more often than m*sturbate.

Hop that is working well for you

would you pose for me ************?

I used to with my brother

We used to compare

Not with a sibling, but I used to perform oral sex on my male cousins.

I ********** with my sis every day at night

I did once and felt so guilty I never did it with her again.

Not with a sibling but I have with my younger cousin. I managed to convince him to ********** with me only while he was getting off to the xxx I was getting off watching him **********.

I had a cousin and she loved to watch me ************.

My mom taught me how to do it when I was 11 and we still do it together regularly

Yes I have done it with my brothers.

I did, me and my little sister did it for a while just ************ that all, wen I moved we did it over fone until we decided to stop it, was fun to made us really close and we bonded in a deep deep way

Used to let the boy in the next bed in the dorm play with my **** at night. Also let my friends ********** me sometimes and sometimes they just grabbed me and did it lol

I jerked off in my cousins bikini bottom, hung it back up on the shower curtain rod and she put them on a few hours later. That was an amazing feeling watching her wear 'em.

Yes, I have.


No but I wish I could sometimes

Did not happen in our household - it it happened and we got caught the sky would have fallen! I had a pair of canvas tennies with lovely gummy herringboned patterned soles - they really turned me on. I could not resist ************ with the soles, but could not confide with anyone I did it. Thinking back, and if I knew then what I know now it would have been fun in a way.

Nice to see all the responses. I've embraced my sexuality for a very long time. Love to indulge, in pursuit of mutual pleasure. Open to chatting w/any of an open mind and imagination. My YIM is Stilldoinit.

did you ever do it with your sister?

My sister and I did.

Yes... I did a lot with my cousin growing up... and watched my younger brother learn his way around for a while... it was innocent I think... we are all married now and doing fine....

I have not but always wanted too

I ********** with all four of my sisters. I sometimes **** the two older ones.