Mutual ************-Sibling

Anyone here ever *********** with your sibling? Or even talked about ************ with them? Just curious.
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With my cousin!

All the time with my older brother and twin sister, normal natural curiosity and sexual experimentation as youngsters growing up!

Never, a couple times with friends @ sleepovers in Jr.high

Never did with a sibling since I only had my sister ..BUT: my cousins and I were the same age .. we talked about it , and did it together and even for each other until we were in our early 20's ....

Never with a sibling but when as a Jr high kid @ a sleepover once, a friend had media promoting the activity

I also got it on with a friends 1 grade below us younger sister, who actually was my age!

Sister. And mom.

I have. Can share if u wish

Older brother, yes. Older sister, more than ************. Etc.


I had experience with a female friends older sister once! Girl from my grade wasn't home, I arrived to hang out with her, older sister entertained me instead!

I have talked to my daughter as I was divorced young and only saw her at weekends.
So we are very close and I can say to her that her **** will fall out if you lean over.
Also had other talks.
She is 39 now but still chats freely to me.
Even on a visit to her a few months ago she wanted to borrow money.
When I got there she was wearing a very short negi black in colour.
She mentioned her leg at the top was in pain a little and I said I will feel her leg for any bumps there.
It was under her negi so caught sight of her white panties.
I love white and it was a turn on for me.


I never did this activity with a sibling. Several times @ Jr. High sleepovers with certain male friends. Someone would bring xxx, media, I never really approved of that stuff

My older brother and i used to fairly frquently. I dont see anything wrong with it!

with my brother . we watched each other one time and then touched each other another

At what ages were you?

A little before, he asked how to and I plainely told him how. Nothing became of it and I'm glad to of told him how.

Yes. When we were teens, my brother and I sometimes would jack off so we could see each other ***, but we never touched each other. We usually did it in a park on the river. We could always find a spot in the bushes where we would be seen, unzip, let the ***** poke out of our pants, and rub or stroke ourselves until we came. I also used to like to **** my undies before *******, but he did not. We have not done this since our teens, but I still beat the meat often.

Very natural and very pleasurable. where do you ********** now? and do you ever chat on yahoo

I've never *********** with or talked about ************ with my siblings but I have *********** with my cousin and we would ********** each other and it was great :)

Its a natural and simple pleasure


With my sister, she didn't join, she just watched

I with a female friend multiple times

my sister walked in on me after school ...caught red handed

Yeah I have watched my brother **********

Did you enjoy watching.

Did your brother know you were watching? Did he get to see your version?

No with a sibling but with a cousin lol