I love to post naked pictures on tumblr to get reactions and comments about my body. It's kind of vein but it makes my self esteem up so why should I care? I also love receiving nudes from men and women to judge.
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You are very sexy

I like to show my body of two !! I think it's sexy s hell !!


It's not just self-esteem that goes up when you post naked, I would bet your level of self-loathing goes up too. Shame is a terrible thing and a lot harder to heal than to prevent. Use all the justifications you want, but you're hurting yourself in the long run. It's quite sad, really.

How would you feel if anyone under 18 say you naked?

Good for you !!!!!

i use to do crap like that. i knew that i wasnt totally happy doing the mess that i was doing. yet i thought i will straightenup and live my life seriously one day. that one day lasted about 20 years... when i finally stopped the nonsense, i realized how old i had gotten and how many valuable days, weeks, and years i had let pass me by, years that can never be re lived. i could of had this. i could of had that. now im older and there is a regret. think about it. enjoy your live NOW. tomorrow is not promised

Just be careful, those pictures you post will end up on multiple **** and "chan" sites. I know, I filter them all the time, I am not sure you want to know how many times your pictures get shared and sold. Once you post, you can expect your pictures to be found on at least 80 web pages, sometimes in the hundreds of pages. A good portion of those sites are **** based. It's cool to be comfortable with your body, but don't destroy your character over it, you can't undo certain things over the internet. I am not belittling your interest in being nude around others, I am simply saying that posting on open web pages will eventually come back on you in ways that are not so good.

thanks for ur advice. wasnt taht u who demanded for those nude pic. of a 15 year old, General?

No, never ever, no way,. I just filter illegal images out of the sites so, I would not have a reason to demand them.

Apparently you and my roommate have something in common you like to take risks I do not like coming home to see a 57 year old man walking around the house Naked. This is the second time something like this has happened yet He says He loves women I really am beginning to wonder. Not to mention the windows are wide open no drapes and we have neighbors on all sides of this house. I think he is proud of his old body in fact I know he is If I took a picture of the cabinets there are nothing but supplements I have looked fairly good most of my life I was into serious martial arts and bodybuilding and gymnastics until I twisted too many times and destroyed on disk in my lower spine. Now I have to go in every few months for steroid injections to calm the inflammation but the doctors want to cut me and do surgery :( this sucks because I am still very active and Love staying in great shape I do not want to ever lose that.

Your on quite a few sites aren't you, obviously get about

I wish my body was good enough to do that and I was comfortable enough with it...

Would love to be judged by you!

If you enjoy it, there is nothing wrong with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being seen nude, in photos or in person.

So how do i find those pics because i love to look

can i too get one?

I love to post pics of myself too but kind of for the opposite reason. I am a man and am VERY un endowed. I like to hear the reaction. It's not hurting anyone and I am comfortable with my shortcomings. Be proud of what and who you are.

Hmm.. thats very naughty

Wats ur tumblr ID??

Id love to see nudes of you :)

I think its very brave, and very sexy.

Well if it makes you happy and it does your self esteem good to do that then that is fine.. but you might want to think about whether you should need to do that in order to feel good about yourself? You look lovely and you should seek to be confident from inside not by showing your bits off.. Women don't perhaps realise.. but there are many men out there who *use* women in order to get pics to help them w*nk.. now you may be ok with that.. but in my experience they are either pic hunters who do the same to any and all other women and really just talk pretty, in order to convince women to send pics or you might find that giving one pic will lead to them pestering and pestering for more.. as in all you are is a provider of entertainment.. to help them w*nk..I have to say.. honestly I suspect they aren't *judging you* lol which is good imo as you are not an ob<x>ject to be judged purely on your assets.. lol you are more than that.. most aren't judging you at all merely using your pics for entertainment.

Hi I'm dave I also like to trade nude pictures if we get in each other's circle we can kinda sext and trade some pics

So if i sent you a nude pic of my gf, you will post it online?

Only if I had her permission.

Oh alright

That is brave! :) I'd love to be that way someday. Seriously.

Go for it!

Its not that easy for me, you know. I'm an Indian. Its a huge thing here. You'll be tagged a **** if you do it. But I'm always wondering, why? Its body, I can do whatever the **** I want to. But that calls for a lot of guts. And I'm still to go a long way. People like you inspire me. :)

Aww but.. not that I judge anyone, but have you ever considered that people consider people who show their body off to all sorts names because in fact they ARE acting like a ****? The thing you perhaps aren't thinking through here is.. that there is a world of difference between naturism an the view that the naked human body is natural and nothing wrong with being naked.. compared with showing it off on the net.. on the net showing your body is about sex.. it just is.. men will see it and men will ********** to it and men will see you as a sex object.. what is perhaps worse, and perhaps you aren't realising is that the more women do this - show their body of indiscriminately to men they don't know for men's entertainment.. the more men online view all women as sex objects.. and the less they think of women online in general Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I didn't say about posting pictures that's have my face too. And all what you said is a major part of why I don't do it. Actually, I won't even put up some nude picture for the sake of it, but because of the photographic aspect of it. For criticizing the photographic aspect of it and all. Are you getting what I'm trying to say? And plus, regarding how men would view it, I know it's true. But will all men view it like that? Is every man, no matter how educated he is, a sex maniac in the end? :s

LOL yes all men will view it that way... lol sorry but they are just made that way :P I see what you mean though and I really wasn't trying to judge you.. the naked body is lovely and natural and a work of art... its just that some misusePlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Thank you for answering. :) I get what you're trying to say and I won't take it like you are judging me. Hope you have a good day. :)

Not sexist.. just realistic.. sorry you have a problem .. I was being humorous an lighthearted .. the factual answer is that yea there are a few men who wouldn't be lookin at the naked body in a pervy way but you aint kiddin anyone if you want us to believe that most of the men on here aren't lookin to perv.. If you think otherwise you are a) in denial an b) led a very sheltredd life.. MOST men would and do and they ARE out there manipulating women to get pics like that.. note the responses on this thread... look at them! Do they sound like they are only interested in viewing for artistic reasons? No so don't give me any of that BS... To be sure a gay man wouldn't perv at the pics.. but then again they wouldn't be much interested in looking in the first place.. You also entirely misrepresent and fail to understand bi women.. so I think I'd just scurry away if I were you your points are invalid and your arguenments full of holes.. Now that said... there is NOTHING wrong with nudism.. if you care to look I say so repeatedly... Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

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I was wondering why so many girl post nude of them on the internet, I think I get it now.

they do it because they like the flattery... because they love to be told how beautiful. gorgeous and sexy they are and because that makes them feel better about themselves as the OP said .. but imo its a very hollow and shallow victory as the girl may not know it but she is being exploited.. the short answer as to why girls do it is that men love it.. they positively lap it up...Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I think you made a good point...

Add me as a friend, please !

Hey u add me plz

may I have ur tumblr?

I like taking nude (and sometimes pornographic) pictures of myself, too. I create collections that represent different aspects of me or of something that I want to express. It's almost like being an actor in little vignettes that I randomly come up with.

That said, I could also say that I do it because I think it's hot and it turns me on and getting turned on feels good.

PS - I'd also be totally open to sharing and exchanging pics and providing thoughtful, open-minded feedback.

Sounds good for what you do.

Good for you! Do what makes you feel good!

Amazing.....well you are meeting the correct people here now. youcan upload pics in your account here and get comments everyday......the hottest pics get 100+ comments ....

i also do this but im on other sites which i use

Me too :)

Have you ever thinking, how about if those comments only a compliment?

add me please and look at mine x

I understand your point of view. A lot of people see hiding your bare body as a sign of self respect which is probably whom you get your negative remarks from. Your bare body shouldn't be the only thing you get self esteem from. I can see from your profile pic that you have an incredible beautiful face. Hope that lifts you up some. I say be as you are so if that is you and what you like and do then do it. No judgment here. Only support. Haha, I think most people like receiving nude pics period, especially guys.

What if you get bad comments?

I accept it.

Does it lower your self esteem or is it only the good comments that have any effect on self esteem?

It damages me a bit, but it also makes me want to better myself