I find it annoying when some guys accuse you for not being open-minded just because you don't "put out" sexually as fast as they want. OPEN MIND is not the same as OPEN LEGS. And just because it takes time for some women to feel comfortable getting intimate with someone, doesn't mean she's narrow-minded. She could just be looking after herself and well-being, doing what is best for her. Just saying. :)
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SOME of us are true gentlemen, who understand.

keep it real and keep them legs shut, as a bloke oh yes we all would love it straight away, but i would respect a girl more and be more attracted to them if they say no, and guys you all know what i mean...

Open legs.Hmm . Theres a thought :) .oops.

So true ,but what do you expect? There only guys.


Well said

Tell them there are some professional, "Really Open Minded" women, called prostitutes who will gladly help them out 😝

Guys are too used to easy desperate chicks so it's not entirely thee faults it's the standards of women that guys adapted to nowadays. A woman should always look out for her well being it's too much disease and **** for having sex with strangers. As well as pregnancy. Guys don't care though they walk around with **** and won't say a word.

nothing wrong with looking out for yourself

I think it stands to reason that for some are on here is just for sexual gratification so they will say that to you, where for the others it's about sharing experiences. I do the same as you it would seem, I'm happy to be playful, flirt or naughty but I do also converse with more serious topics but I don't engage unless invited.