Before I die, I wanna travel the world with someone I love, that's my dream.
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oh that time, whe ni was in your age ... :/

That is a dream that I think everybody should have!

I agree

i feel the same :/

Well, listen to this ....I was working at a menial job and met a Doctor. We married and he took me to Europe for three months , we married when we got back.
So, if it can happen for me , it can happen for you, just be careful what you ask for HAHA

Good on you - sometimes you just have to go for it.

That's amazing!

Lovely dream - I hope it comes true for you.

Yay! Thankyou

Anything you can dream you can accomplish. Just believe in it and go make it happen!

That's what I intend to do! I'm mad excited

Very nice. Add me, love to chat

Almost the same for me<3

This is among my top 3 dreams that I wish to fulfill before my time is up on this planet.

me too!!!

Yessssss <3

That's a good goal to have. Hope you accomplish it.

traveling changed my life, just got back from 9 months overseas

I'd love it so much!

can give you any advice and help and pointers if you ever want any. I did 4 months ALL over europe and then i ended up living in Bali, Indonesia for 5 months just cuz. whats your plan or places you want to go??a???

I wanna see France so much, the art there looks beautiful, I'm British, and where I'm from there's not many tourist attractions and stuff that people tend to enjoy

Is love to go to Scotland

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