I believe that a person's sexual inclination is their own business and nobody else's - especially not the church
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Isn't it interesting how people belonging to religions that directly instruct them to refrain from judging others are often the ones most likely to stick their noses in other people's business? I believe that a lot of people turn to religion looking for a way to define their own worth, and then use the moral codes of their religions to falsely self-elevate their sense of worth by judging others as less-worthy than them.

Well said. I whole heartedly agree.

I think that the church would be better off if it were not filled with self righteous, better than thou Hippocrates. I think maybe that I see their writing below.

you are right, especially in light of the sexual proclivities of some of its priests

I agree with you 100%. I think everyone should be able to do what they like as long as everyone involved approves without anyone including the church and government butting in.

it seems that a lot of people agree with me - judging by my messages anyway!

I think there are a lot of people like you and I, I just with we were the majority so laws can be changed and those people would be breaking the law for butting it

... or the government.

Now that's a statement I agree with...

Now that's a statement I agree with...

Absolutely agree. If you're not hurting anybody, there is absolutely zero reason for anyone else to care what you're doing. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is their business, period.

well said and welcome to EP

I agree. We should all be more accepting especially religions. They should practice being friends to all.

Indeed. I know a lot of Christians that don't know what being "Christ-like" would be like.

I love how the refusal to condone an action that is against what one believes to be against the teachings of a given belief system is turned into not being in alignment with a given belief system.

Because clearly my message was referring strictly to homosexuality and not the selfishness of most people.

And yes, my implication is that you're mildly fixated on same sex marriage.

What other topic would you be referring to in relation to a post that is clearly aimed in the direction of same sex marriage, or at the very least, homosexuality? I'm a Christian and I fully accept that there are those that will do things I disagree with, but that doesn't mean I condone their actions.

"Sexual inclination" immediately equates to an opportunity to debate same sex marriage in your mind. So far it has been you aggressively looking to debate the merits of how they're forcing you to think about it.

I could be way off and Christ could have been a hate monger but I doubt it. I'm pretty positive that being "Christ-like" would involve not looking at them as being these "different" people that you have to look down upon or choose to accept... they would just be people. Isn't that the point? There shouldn't be a big hoopla about it unless they're running around forcing straight people to marry same sex partners. But they aren't doing that. They're interested in having a private wedding with their significant other. You will never be made aware of their wedding nor will you be impacted in any way by it happening. Yet you feel entitled to tell them how you feel about it. Do you see what I'm saying here?

If it comes down to "oh well not in MY church" then fine, if your church doesn't condone it then by all means. There have been churches that openly embrace it and they should be allowed to do so without you griping about how you don't condone it.

If everyone worried about their own families with the same energy that they worry about same sex couples getting married, we wouldn't have half the problems that we have in the world today.

There you go bud, you wanted me to discuss same sex marriage with you- desperately it would seem. So please revel in the opportunity to elaborate on your already clearly stated opinion now that I've made mine known.

Excellent point.

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Last I checked, the church was not concerned with anyone's sexual inclination, rather they are concerned with their own desire to have their own beliefs respected by the government and others. Essentially, you do what you want in your house, and we'll do what we want in ours. It's no more your right to tell them they have to recognize a union between two people of the same sex than it is theirs to say you can't "marry" someone of the same sex.

And when did you last check? The church is very concerned with people's sexual inclination and often compares homosexuality to ********** and **********. Not all churches are the same though so you and I are both generalizing here.

I have yet to see a church tell someone they couldn't get married or even be homosexual. Yes, they have their beliefs on it, but the only ones I see trying to force something on anyone else are those that want churches and members of churches to recognize something that contradicts their religious beliefs. That in and of itself is not an issue until they try to use government to enforce such impressions, which is a violation of their 1st Amendment rights.

I couldn't agree more .I hate the church and small minded society .

Well said. Can you tattoo that on "certain" peoples foreheads?