I dont care who you love, What color you are, what race or gender you are, we are all the same on the inside. <3
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I'm a transgender girl: M/F. Don't see to many people who think the way who do. Wish the world would think the same way

Wisely said.

Yes, I think like that too.

Idc if you've committed atrocities against mankind. we all deserve life. which is a nice way of saying nothing deserves it. I believe my life and yours is a meaningful as a blade of grass that gets walked on everyday despite the do not walk on grass sign. W00t w00t! i dislike humanity

and at the end of it all we are just merely humans :)

Ya. The colour of the bones blood organs and the brain is the same for everyone.

Sometimes when u open yourself up completely to a stranger with no conditions you truly find the best people you may ever come to know in your life. Always be open minded and open hearted. Don't place any conditions on friendship.

I wish the rest of the world is like you

That's very nice of you. Some people are just racist, screw you over. Bully you. but you're nice.

This is what the world needs! I couldn't have put it in better words myself! :)

thats so true lol


Lol. If we aren't killing each other over race we are killing each other over what block youre from. The game of life isnt about making everyone equal, it's about how badass your tribe is.

Well, either way, I believe we should be treated equally.

So you want to be treated the same as the 10 year old who poops on the floor on purpose or the pimp who sells 14 year olds to pedos? Then what's the point of working harder then the next guy? I'll just sit back and be lazy because we all need to be treated equally.

Of course not, theres always a fine line between things like that. We should be treated how we treat others. An eye for an eye. But if someone shows you respect, equally show respect to them.

It's not a fine line. Nothing in this life is meant to be equal, just balanced out in the end. Respect is often confused with manners. Respect is meant for lower ranks to bow down to higher ranks. Manners is showing everyone the cultural courtesy and polite niceties. So you say yes sir to your boss but just Morning to the janitor.

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great lines given by great poet kalidas <3