A lot of people claim that they are open minded, but when I talk with them I find the opposite.

For example, when I talk to some people for a while and they say they like my thought but when I tell them I'm Muslim, their way in talking changes! Where's your open mindedness man?! :)

Thus here's an advice, when you claim you're open minded, I recommed you to say: I am open minded to only such and such..

Salam! 😘😘
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I feel like people should be open minded to at least listen to the other person point of view even if you don't agree with it. Jumping to conclusions causes problems that could have easily been avoided. We don't necessarily have to agree on the same things but its nice to hear other sides to something. Also if they have preconceived ideas about it talk about why that is or why it is not true. That's where I feel people go wrong with being close minded. People don't take the time to actually find the facts out before going along with things they heard or seen. Just because one person or group does it, does not mean they represent everybody.

Thanks for this precious addition :)

I am open minded to anyone who wants to make our world a better place, but always against anyone who doesn't care if it gets worse or wants to make it worse. Is that a reasonable definition of open?

every person is different from other. Thus the thinking too depends on each one differently.

I am open minded, but i still like my thoughts better than anyone else's ;]

Honey...don't be upset.. everything follows relativity rules .. Thus you yourself also has a limit that u know better. :)

Well, I am a physics major but I didn't get your point! 😕

I tried to say.. everything is dependent to some point.. for say.. if we try to define if Alcohol is good or bad.. its answer would be dependent. like.. the answer may be different depending from which point of view are you asking. obviously from different religious point of view and from scientific point of view the answer would not be the same.. and you also have such examples in Physics.. right? :)

Thanks for explaining. Yes I agree with you. People judge things based on their backgrounds

People are prejudice against Moslems because some people that happen to be Moslems are so enthousiastic about killing other people. If the Moslem faith was able to control their radicals then it would be better accepted...

Same thing can be said about Christianity. Example Westboro Baptist Church. You can't let the actions of a few close your eyes to the whole.

I am sure that you are correct. That Westboro mob are a bunch of fruitcakes. I was, however, talking about public perceptions and not my own prejudices, of which I am sure that I have a few :)

lets have a quick chat

Nobody is 100% anything, even you with your so called open mind.

Apparently you didn't read the title.

title's not part of post, lol

I will. Ha ha. You're illogical.

I have many muslim friends ! I have no problem and why would I have. We all are humans and I love my friends.

I think Pashtuns are from Afghanistan, right? I have never heard about their belief but I heard about them in the news during Afghanistan/US war.

in what sense u r ?

We are all people, muslim, christians, budists....does it really matter. Wat matters most is your ideas

We are all humans :)

I think I am, you going to try and prove I'm wrong? :-)

I said prove it, to me, saying that is just parrot talk.

agreed..I feel the same...people say they are open minded but when they find out a little about me or my past they judge me and think I am a bad person...we all make mistakes...if you say your open minded...then be open minded....dam it..

They are only open minded when discussing being open minded - which is easy to do when you don't know anything about someone :)

It's trendy to be "open minded" - like when we were younger when people wanted to be "non conformists" or "anti establishment", yet everyone and their dog were doing it b/c it was trendy.

lol the burning shrub always made me laugh for some reason.

Seek and you shall find :D

If you find one, hopefully she has a twin sister ;)

I've got to call BS on this statement, I find when you really get down to it, everyone, especially those professing to be "open minded" are very much closed minded. I've always have been able to find some subject, people, actions, lifestyle, creed, that they were very much closed minded about.

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Ok you have a point.. I will say that when people usually say and/or ask about open mindedness they almost always mean sexually...as in men hoping women are open minded so they can talk dirty and hopefully get pics, cam and or meet. But you are right.. in the proper sense of the word open mindedness is about being open to all kinds of things..

As for me.. well see I try very hard to be open minded about Muslims and Islam too - but forgive me - to date I find that when I talk to Muslims they are more than happy to give me their opinion which I hear and then respond to with questions...but they don't like my questions.. they, and I accept this is a generalisation, seem unwilling to even consider anything that contradicts what they are taught to believe.. I have a hard time with that as it seems closed minded to me.. However, I would be more than happy to talk to a Muslim who is happy to discuss with mutual respect the concerns I have about Islam.

You are true. I don't blame you at all. All my blame is to media! Media exaggerate a lot and focus on small little odd things about cultures and them people perceive wrong stereotypes. Media totally forgets about beautiful things in cultures even though the positive things about each culture are dominant!

And because positive things don't make good breaking news :) lol

Lol Yeah, right? Some people are funny like that... ( :

Everybody is open minded but to a certain extent. Nobody can claim they are open minded about every single aspect of life. For example, do you support a grown man having sexual intercourse with a 14 year old? Or an adult man or woman having sex with an animal? Or homosexual acts between 2 cousins? Most people aren't supportive of these, but yet they are legal in parts of the world. So just because someone says they are open minded, it doesn't mean they will accept or agree with everything that goes on in the world.

That's true. Being totally open minded is a little impossible. But smart open minded people know how at least show respect to others' beliefs ;)

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good example :) they are not open minded. i am open minded muslim too. congrats for this topic and thank u sharing this.