I think I have a panty fetish...I often find myself looking for opportunities to seek out the used panties of friends, neighbors, gf, daughters, her friends, etc. I love to sniff them. It drives me crazy.
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The smell of any Body part invokved in sex is going to make you think of sex. Thats a totally normal fetish, its more common than you think. You just have to make sure you keep control of yourself.

Seek help bro

Is it weird to you?

Not only me.

Your daughters. ...0_0

Yes...I don't think anything about her and separate her aroma from her...


Xcinderella....what do you think of rockstars comment?

It's so scary...0_0..I mean if you were my Dad I would still love you no matter what but I'd never look at you the same..

I could understand that...please keep in mind that I'd NEVER do anything to hurt her. EVER. It's just a carnal scent that I crave & separate it in my mind.

I think a vast majority of dads do it.


Really?!? I was thinking I had a screw loose.

Well, you say you separate her from aroma. So I can understand the lure of ***** regardless of the source. But your daughter is a younger version of your wife. So I think it's natural to be attracted to her. And I think this happens with a lot of dads, it just remains a secret.

That's the truth, man.

What the hell!??? 0_0 but but but 0_0 I think I'm lucky not to have a dad lmao

But but what?

It's weird and just...errrr *cringes

Btw if that's really you in your profile picture..if I was your daughter I would never Dare give you attitude or misbehave lmao

Lol, it is me. And yes you would, just like mine does ;)

But you're big! ! You're literally the living version of hulk!!! Hell no I would be thee most angelic person Alive if I was your daughter lol i wouldn't wanna feel your wrath :p

Lol, I'm no where near that big. She gets a stern talking to on a regular basis though ;)

Lol *screetches* yup thank God for single mother's like mine lol

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