Sooo I'm sitting in my room, I went an took a diaper from my sisters room an I went potty in it anyone wanna change me??:/
YoursTrulyDL YoursTrulyDL
22-25, M
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As long as u don't mind me punching u down there and getting a ragging *****

id love to. come to daddy ;)

Oh gimme a break. People like you who post this kinda crap make it hard for people like me. This ish is NOT what you call open minded.

We now no who isn't open minded lol.... I posted this to see who'd be accepting of how I am. Thanks for showing your not lol

Right. You got me there I guess. FYI as long as you use words in the wrong context, what you say doesn't matter in the least.

Thank you peacekobi! You're my new best friend for stating this so objectively. Kudos

I never wanted to be a snitch, but I'm about to start using the "report user" option for these types of posts. I guess we gotta start somewhere.

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