Why do most people on EP assume being open minded is exclusively something séxual?!

Is there anything that could be more narrow minded than that?!

When I say I'm open minded. I mean that I have a broad horizon, I like learning new things and I can accept things and people different from me. But yes, I do hate narrow minded pervs! How narrow minded of me :P
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Do you believe in God?

Maybe they equate
open minded = sex
like people equate nudity
nudity = sex

Why? Tradition? 😳

Well said

... and you love anal? ;)

Highly original question you're the third person to ask me this on EP today!

I just think if you had ended your story like that it would have been hilarious! LOL.

yeah very funny.... I really couldn't care less if someone likes anal or not..... if someone wants to practice gay sex... good for them.... I really don't feel the need to discuss this.

Yes, I think generalizing everybody is more close-minded than that :)
Actually I think because the people who are usually most vocal & forward making themselves known are here for hookup fantasies, and assume everybody else must be thinking the same way.
Not that everybody ISN'T here looking for something, but that "something" often differs between the genders, or they don't even know yet... But it IS a sexually charged place.

I hate narrow minded people too