I'm not thin, I'm not 20, I'm not
Richest but I can offer you the
Best friendship in the world..
getstrictbimbo234 getstrictbimbo234
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Thank you.

nice...friendship has got nothing to do with all of this...


Notes say she is forcing him not too speak too me......abuse...put in the book.

Genuine friendship is a precious commodity.

Don't need any of that as long as you have friendship

As long as your great in bed than we can be friends for a long time ;)

I know the whole story and don't give a fk. ..my friend knows him..my friend has the.same lifeWho the fk cares. ....friend are friends no matter what. ..the difference between me and you is I keep my mouth shut

Would you mind being friends with a male who dresses as a female? My wife knows and I dress everyday. Not gay but have a lot of gay friends.
The reason I would like to be friends is because a person like me have mostly male friends on this site.
Would like to have a female friend to chat about girl things! Makeup or girl friend things. Maybe send you pictures of my new outfits.
I know I'm older but I'm not some creep!!
Think about it please!

Tubs...I know for a long time...

Very nice, sweetie! :)

I'll take it!

Who needs thin, with age comes wisdom and maturity and a walk in the woods or on the beach don't cost much and a good cuddle costs even less :)

why would anyone need more than that?