I am so glad that my partner and I watch **** together now. There is so much to see but I really love all the watersports clips. The group scenes can go on for ages - where does all that water come from?:)
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On most **** clips it's generated and the camera is angled so the pee is not actually there...however there are home made clips which ppl actually have pee and you can tell as it doesn't last too long

the squirt category??

is that the one that we see in the category...squirt ??

It's called editing....

I have always wondered how they can pee so much too! I would love to go behind the scenes of a watersports **** and learn what they do. Might ruin it for me though.

It comes from beer of course which makes it taste yummy! 😎

Beer pee is the best.

Absolutely. And it's so renewable and fast-acting!!

all I can say is.... Why ?? Just why?? :/
Rhetorically only

Me ex and I always watched it together. We made our own more though. That was more exciting. We would watch ourselves and change up what we liked. It's a shame he was such an *** in real life cause sex was great.

Making your own movies are fun. It's always difficult to hold the camera for different angles though. Lol.

We learned to hold it pretty good. Hard to focus on other Things

Did you guys ever make your own watersports videos?

Lol never.

Awww. LOL I'd love to make a watersports movie but may need a third person to keep the camera dry.

Never tried it or never made a video about it?

Never both.

I take it that it's not something that's ever interested you?

To be honest idk what it is?

It involves doing naughty things when peeing.

Oh. Nope but I will someday.

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My wife and I will watch **** and it's so hot to emulate what is going on in the film!

I think it's healthy that women watch too. I think many have refrained for fear of being seen in derogatory terms.


great work

I have been wondering the same thing ;)

I love watching it