I am attracted to women. I have recently realized this. My husband doesn't mind. But I live in a small town and don't want people talking. Not because I think I'm bi. But because I'm married.
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time for a 3sum then

I've been messaging with my long ago girlfriend (damn, she's still soooo sexy) and she told me about her becoming more bi with age.

She has gone to some swingers' clubs and even a swinger resort in Mexico. Apparently, a lot of the couples who are into "the lifestyle" do it so that the women can explore each other and don't actually swap partners.

She said that, although she has only been with a few women, she basically loves to do it just so that her guy gets extra turned on for her. In spite of that, she admitted that about half the **** she watches is girl-girl.

Look up some adult clubs in another city and make a visit some evening. It's unlikely that you'd be recognsed there but even if you were, the other couple would want your discretion too.

I look forward to reading about any (mis)adventures you get up to. ;-)

*mwah* and good luck.

go out away from your town It sucks being in a small town but you can have fun with it good luck

allays best to keep these things quiet

I have tried to find my wife a girl friend for years , my fantasy not hers. ;-)
Enjoy .

Try : www.ashlymadison.com

It's a tough spot you're in, and I wish there was a way I could help you.

That could be adventurous for husband

Ever thought of having your husband adopt some feminine traits ? To feminize him to be more in line with your attraction ? Male feminization is growing in acceptance as women are becoming the breadwinners and choosing trophy house husbands - check out "male femininity and gender role reversal". Or "Femme your Hubby" by A.K. Remenko.

No. He's former military. Black belts in numerous martial arts and he as a person is registered as a deadly weapon in our state. He will never be nor do I want him feminized

Take no notice of others,go for it and enjoy yourself and please your hubby,tomorrow they will be talking about someone else

how far from a reasonable sized town are you?where theres a will you will find a way.

About 15000 people. I get recognized and called by name no less than five times a day no matter where in town I go. I've lived here for 30 years.

We live in small town too we keep it in close just cause we are afraid of losing are family I love being with other men he likes to watch and some women too if the situation merit it it's ok if your gay or lesbian to be out in the open but not people who want more excited in there marriage we are happy to have found a place we can talk about these issues with I hope we have

Yea we tried fetlife just never got any one interested in us so just tried bars and places that we could have drink and casually work it in to a conversation ya know

i get it some people are small minded. Having said that keep a look out in the onlinw dating sites , exc. they have some people looking the type of things you are talking about. Some are willing to be with you and your husband while some perfer only the company of a woman. Just be clear what your intentions are. Hell there are alot of people on this site that would love to join you. ....

Why did you put this under 'open minded' ?!

Because I'm new to the site and didn't know what else to put it under.

many mouths many talks. u hv to be careful...

What kind of husband *would* mind? o.O People are probably already talking. May as well do what you want, 'cause they're always going to talk.

I'm the ultimate good girl publicly. Lol nobody would suspect. Unless told.

Your referring to yourself as a "good girl" bespeaks of some anxiety you have about your normal feelings. There is nothing good nor bad about your feelings only in the mind's of others. Small town or large you can handle this with discretion and you are fortunate that you have the support of a husband in this.
You will find in time even in your small arena that there are many who share the same desires.

I have no problem with my feelings. I just mean the public perception