I feel bad for close minded people. They don't give themselves the chance to open their mind to all the possibilities and ideas in the world. Living in a world so big, there are so many things they are left behind. Being open minded involves putting your beliefs aside and listening to what others have to say in order to get new perspectives. A close minded person only gets to see one side to life, and I am sorry for them. They are unable to discover all that the world has to offer. Life can be appreciated more when you think of all the possibilities there are.
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I think it is important to distinguish open-minded from liberal or conservative. Because there are certainly people who are very liberal thinkers who also have very closed minds.

Truly open thinkers are very rare. Something I look for in addition is the ability to respect other points of view, even ones you do not agree with.

Hope you don't get too lonely in life waiting for all of the open thinkers to show up. I thought they would be much more commonplace than was actually the case.

love the way you think.. enjoy your journey..

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so true

You're right. Some people are ignorant and choose not to open up their minds. If only they knew how small we really are. The planet we inhabit is just an atom contributing to the composition of a spec of dust in this vast, colossal universe.

Our minds are like a parachute, the don't work when they are closed. :)

please let me know what you are open minded with?

You are wise beyond your years. Hopefully, you will have a career or position in which you can bring multitudes of people together for a common good.

Thank you so much :)

Exactly! Well put!