I have seen many comments from individuals about being open-minded. It seems to be a contest as they proclaim they are more open minded than you or than the public at large. Since so many are weighing in on being open minded I thought I would add my two cents to the pile.
Many seem to think you aren’t open-minded unless you agree with them. I am sorry but my definition of open-mindedness doesn’t agree with that premise. I think open-mindedness has to do with listening in a nonjudgmental way. I will promise you this. I will listen to your opinion and will judge it solely on the merits of the opinion without regard to your age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other label we want to apply to humans today.
If you quote facts I may ask you to support those facts. If your opinion is against my belief system I will most likely never agree, but that’s OK. It doesn’t mean I despise you or wish you harm. It doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with you. It just means we won’t agree on that particular point.
I believe the first amendment of the US constitution protects the freedom of speech, at least for the time being and that means ALL speech, yours and MINE. The fact that I may want to display a Confederate battle flag because I think it is of historic significance is just as protected (or was at least) as your gay pride banner. If some images offend you then I suggest you don’t get any of them, just don’t interfere with my right to have one. I am fine with you having a Buddha statue in your living room if you don’t interfere with me having a cross displayed in mine.
We are so divided in this country and part of that is a deliberate attempt to keep us so busy hating each other we can’t see what is really happening. Too many people want to group us together and label us. If some idiot opens fire in a church and kills nine people and he happens to display a confederate flag then it is assumed everyone with a confederate flag must be just as crazy. I suppose if he had a sack of m&m candies in his pocket that would me anyone who had m&m candies would also be racist haters too. Of course it doesn’t. We want to blame something when tragedies happen like flags or guns or whatever we can find instead of blaming the person who was responsible for the deed. It wasn’t his mom; it wasn’t his gun, his school, a flag or anything else except him. He did it and he should bear the responsibility.
I do not condone violence of any sort. That means white against black, black against white, pink against yellow or any other color combination so stop grouping me with anyone who might burn down churches or kill innocent people of any kind. I don’t care what your race is, if anyone uses violence against you I will stand beside you in your defense. We are all human and want the same things in life. We want decent schools, jobs and housing. We want to go to a church or store without having to cringe in fear every time we see a stranger among us. We just need to realize we hold different beliefs and won’t agree on some issues. It isn’t necessary that we do. We might even find some common ground if we can learn to talk and express ourselves without it becoming a shouting match and end in name calling. We should have learned in the third grade that never solves any problems.
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well said laser

I am glad to have found this post, one that isn't stuck on sexual topics, but rather, focuses on issues that are far more serious and damaging.

Didn't know a folk like u pervert can write

Wow... so not cool...

You missed that last line about name calling and the third grade didn't you. If you have a point then state it and I will listen.

I am shocked by the fact that so many highly intelligent people in this world are actually pervs.

Brilliantly stated, well done. I really appreciate this post (:

I think the confederate flag is liken to the nazi flag.. Yeah it's part of history but you don't see the Germans waving it around anymore.
I also don't like the confederate flag being compared to the gay flag. There is absolutely no similarities between the two.

No similarity at all. Just at the right place at the right time.

Precisely.. For me it shouldn't be mentioned in an argument for the confederate flag. There's no real comparison other than the fact that they are both flags.

I disagree with this context!! The Nazi Flag offends people..The Confederate Flag offends people. The Mexican Flag flown on American Soil offends people.. Of course the Gay Flag will offend people. Not everyone agrees with what each of these flags symbolizes. That does not necessarily mean we are not open minded. Some of us just don't see the need for all this fuss!!! The only flag that should matter in the US is the US flag..The only race that should matter is the HUMAN RACE! Personally I could care less about ones sexuality!! Should I fly a flag to demonstrate it?? C'mon!!

I'm fairly certain I've not said anything about ones open mindedness. What I said is that you cannot compare the two flags. If you want to see it differently that's your opinion. Yelling at me doesn't make you right... Just aggressive.

This post is NOT about the confederate flag. I don't give a rats *** about that flag. I don't own one, my state doesn't fly one. This post is about 1st amendment rights, regardless of what you want to display or say. I have nothing against gay rights, again don't give a rats *** either way, but there was no constitutional grounds for the supreme to make that decision because marriages are state issues not federal. But I have no problem with states legalizing gay marriage. I am a constitutionalists period. BTW there are groups in the US that display a German Swastika and I find it offensive, but I will still defend their right to display it.

Perhaps I am confused as your original post mentioned the confederate flag, your right to display it, and how it gave off the perception of narrow-mindedness.
The confederate flag is part of our nations history but the simple fact is that it was never a good representation of our people, Americans.
Perhaps you can enlighten me as to how, when gazing upon that flag, you feel a sense of pride.

I never said anything about any feeling of pride about the confederate flag. I said I believe the constitution protects free speech and free expression whether we agree with that expression or not. I actually think the flag should not be flown on public building. My position concerns those who want to remove a TV show because the car has a flag on it. I doubt that the people who would be offended aren't their target audience. The thing that was offensive was slavery not the flag. The civil war started because the north would not allow the south to sell their goods to other countries where they could make a decent profit. The north would only allow the south to sell to them and they wouldn't pay a decent price. Because of unfair tariffs and restrictions the south withdrew from the union. It wasn't until two years later that Lincoln added the abolition of slavery to the war spoils.

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Well I certainly give you credit for your view of "open-mindedness". I think a lot of ppl consider themselves open-minded under their own definition of, but where is the willingness to agree to disagree?
I will, however, put my own 2 cents into the mix, in saying that I do feel badly for those offended by the confederate flag. Please note, I didn't say I feel badly about the south or those wanting to celebrate it. I just want everybody to be happy in this world. Even if that means giving sometimes. It may very well be a happy symbol for you and anyone else in this world, but it hurts others and that's where I have to take a step back and consider my decision as simply a part. Not a whole.

I'm interested in your views on police brutality or simply people in positions of power abusing their authority. See, several days ago I was physically assaulted by a store owner after a friend stole an item worth less than 5$, my neck and back was hurt as he slammed me against a car. I accept responsibility in most situations, but I find many think it impossible for a law or rule to be wrong.

Policemen who abuse power should be punished for that abuse. They become criminal at that point. Why would I think otherwise. I believe if the facts prove a policeman has abused anyone he should be held accountable. BUT he also deserves protection any victim should receive. He gets his day in court, not the media.

Well said .

Well put. But people must be cautious not to be too open-minded. They might start entertaining evil thoughts. To be a bit of a geek here, I will borrow a quote from a Warhammer 40,000 computer game: "An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded."
On the other side of that coin, people also can't be too narrow-minded.

Open minded will always listen whether or not they agree. Closed minded will not entertain another viewpoint even for a second.

I think that open-mindedness has to go along with good judgement and a moral compass. Just because you listen to other opinions and come to understand them does not mean you automatically accept them. So while I don't think it's possible to be too open-minded, I do think it's possible to be too easily persuaded.

I couldn't have said it any better.
I find that many who call themselves tolerant are only tolerant with those who agree with their opinions and beliefs.

Absolutely agree. I support the free expression of opinions. It is an absolute must if we are going to survive.


Well said!

I agree, but the confederate flag was used as hate and now people are believing that the hate is caused by the promotion of the confederate flag. The same applies to the nazi germany flag, you will be "shot down" if you are seen promoting it because of it`s symbolism. It seems like American system is a blind prejudice clan that believes the majority opinion on a controversy is the right way to handle things.

The FLAG owned no slaves, nor did the FLAG kill any people. The flag is a reminder of what happens when a country becomes divided. It is a reminder of the deaths of three quarters of a million people. Almost as many died at Gettysburg alone than in the entire Vietnam war. It is something that bears remembering.

If an artist can depict someone urinating on a statue of Jesus, and it be called free speech then we can't deny any display. If we ban any one thing because someone is offended then there are plenty of things that need to be banned. Then what next, book burning like Hitler did? Our attitudes and hearts need changing not what flag we choose to display.

The flag didn't, but those that created, empowered, and promoted the flag did. It is a product and symbol of them.

I'm confused? You want the flag up b/c it holds great meaning and respect for you. Or you think ppl should stop going on and on about the negative symbolism it brings? Can't have it both ways. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

My point is that it hurts ppl Everyone is so concerned with their "right" to do things but no one really takes the time to be concerned with their neighbors feels What kind of world does that make? What kind of world are we living in?

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