All that Israel wants is to defend itself! That is the only thing Israel does! Israel loves defending itself, just enjoyes doing that! That's why they build Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, so that they can defend themselves over there! That's why they've rejected a peace treaty with Hamas: , because if they would have a peace with Hamas, who would they defend themselves from? :O The only country that loves defending itself more than Israel is probably the USA, they send their troops and engage in wars all over the world - just to defend themselves! Self defence rules, long live self defence! Who gives a heck for the world peace, when defending ourselves feels so gooood?
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Be that as it may attack military targets and governments which by the world over are a pack off two faces lying wankers but when you start attacking innocent woman and children who have nothing ti do with wars thats when you lose support from any one all so you two have been at war since jesus times face fact if one off you was going to win you would have all ready by now so maybe call it even and a truce to just share it far and square

you dont have a clue. . . . . .

Enlighten me please. :)

so really you just dont give a **** ,or you dont really understand whats going on there ......................but lets call it open mindedness ,instead of empty headedness lol

I don't know what's going on over there? Ok, tell me what's going on then, so that I can be informed. I'm waiting. :)

First off all if its so called self defence why are they blowing up and shooting innocent civilian population instead of taking on military targets simple its knot defence just plain yellow and gutless is what it is and nothing more

What they're doing is colonising entire Palestine and mask it with self defence, but it's so obvious by now that I just don't get it how anyone actually believes their propaganda.

if rag heads would stop trying to kill them off they could be peace but never happen in the world of hate

The Jews were driven out of Israel by Romans. Palestinians settled there.How is it right to have them removed.?? Where do they go?? Why not put smallpox in blankets like them pesky native Americans? Just get rid of them right? Perfect example of how humans have
Little regard for life.It's an unfortunate part of history.Fact. To say that only native Americans should be here is ignorant.There is a solution for the problem,but greed ignorance and hate won't solve it.

I don't think native americans should be the only ones in the US, I was sarcastically making fun out of the things that guy said, how there is no such thing as a Palestinian and how Palestine is a Jewish land. History is full of **** and everyone interpretates it the way he/she wants. What matters is now, and now there are Palestinians living on their land and they should be allowed to live there and not treated like cattle an forced out.

Once again there is lo palistinean people. They are Egyptians Persians or Arabs. Palestine was a region named by Rome when they expelled Jews from Judea . Like we say the mid- west or New England in America , there is not an New England people.

There is no american people, they are Africans, Europeans or Asians. The US is a country formed on the British colonies, named by the British, so you don't have the right to exist. The fact that you feel like americans and US citizens is irrelevant, you don't exist, just like Palestinians.

First of all there is no such thing as a Palestinian person that's made up. Second they are Arabs or Egyptians or Persians . That so called palistinean land is Israel's . They were there long before so called palistinean existed. They were forced out by Romans. They were only ones brave enough to fight them . Every one else were cowards

First of all, there is no such thing as you, you are made up, you don't exist. Second of all, Native Americans were on the american continent long before the Europeans came, all the European and African origin americans should be ethnically cleansed and the land should be given back to native americans. Only native americans fought the British colonialists in the North American continent, all others were cowards.

Excuse us, the Nazi kicked out all "Da" jews from Europe for creating mass problems to socio ethnic problems within white race? Than out of sheer luck of conclusions of Ww2 the Palestine authority granted JEWS to purchase the land, where assistance of Britshits, now the House of saud has nuclear access the day tipping point arrives there will be no more so stop boasting about your ****!

This is for your stubborn hardcore extreme views satisfaction Saudi Arabia Nuclear Ballistic Missile ready

All people should live together in peace. To bad there are anti- Semitic and racist ion this site. Lot of ignorance spewed out.

No, there are no anti semitic people here, except for you maybe, because you deny the Palestinians their homeland, and Palestinians belong to the Semitic group of people, just like Jews. I have nothing against Jews or Israel, I think Israel should exist, but they should stop colonising Palestine. And if you think they can take all of Palestine and continue their terror over Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, then you are a total racist and a chauvinist and please just don't write anything in your defence, cause you're just making yourself look worse.

I don't deny anyone any thing your the one that posted your anti- semetic rhetoric you must of read in some Nazi propaganda. Hamas was giving land for peace. They still shoot missiles into Israel. You back a terrorist network sponsored by Iran. Their constitution states death to Israel not peace please read a book or something instead of posting your racist propaganda

USA and Israel are worst than Hamas and Iran. Do you ever wonder what Israel does? No you don't but you do claim there is no such thing as a Palestinian. I don't like Iran, I don't like terrorism especially, the situation here is clear, you won't admit the crime that Israel does and you put the situation like Israel is totally innocent so Hmas is the only problem. And about Iran, here's a picture for you:

So stop being an islamophobe and fascist and face your own countries actions.

You are so young and twisted and brain washed . Your too young to argue about the world you can keep posting your leftist web sites I don't need to pull them up. You post hate red on here I say we all live in peace. In stead you run down the greatest country in the world. Please be free to live in the Gaza ***** . We want miss you. No one hearts your response because you promote evil on this site

Yeah right I promote evil called: 'no one should live in such conditions and Palestinians should be set free to live like decent human beings', while you promote the good called: 'Palestinians don't exist and Israelis have the right to do all those horrors they do to them and ***** them away from their land'. You are a good person indeed!

I agree I'm too young to know anything, so here are some quotes of a guy who is much more informed and older than you, and he's also Jewish:

Have a good time in your greatest country in the world, and if you happen to be black or hispanic stay away from the white police officers, yeah, and don't go to church either, especially if you live in Charleston and Baltimore. :)

Yeah you better be sorry, first you don't know how to post, second you & your soldiers unable to fight as men as real soldiers, you have pick on unarmed civilians Lastly the Muslims + Christians have nothing to do with whats going on today, its only stupid Jews jews jews who create problems as you said it yourself for da whole planet, so existance of Isreal not needed, now in Nazi Germany & obviously not currently. wtf ?

Then you should leave if you feel that way. But your obviously a blowhard and will stay and spew your racist views

Listen, I don't know did you understand the post, it as ironic. Saudi Arabia is not a country you could expect to fight Israel, they are american all< just like Israel and they depend on the american money they get for their oil. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel are the hegemons in the region.

Listen, Saudi doesn't need money from America! Saudi can get their money from 199 U.N. countries. Don't divert from topic, the day tipping point arise "Isreal" will be there no more? Do you understand?

I don't think Israel should stop existing, I think Israel should exist but in the borders from 1948. Regarding Saudi Arabia, they are an american ally, so if they go on their own and start creating their independent agenda, I think they won't do well, and honestly I don't think they want to do it.

you are dreaming, don't count on it, the way things are going, Isreal ( nothing against it personally) but that said, Isreal existence is in jeopardy, ally or no ally. Big brother Saudi is always watching what you do with innocent civilians !!!

do you have any idea how much money they make alone? its Israel who need America assistance which America has ignored Nathanyaho for last 2 years? Do you know anything about news & politics? You are out of sync??

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