Yesterday I got told by someone that I'm a little crazy basically because I don't feel the same way about god as they do... Frankly I would rather be a little crazy then be just like everyone else haha!!
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Just tell em you believe in magic powers and a talking bush and your calling me the crazy on thats how i deal with them sort of people

Hi Nyx39

I completely agree with you. It IS better to be a little crazy than to think like everyone else. I would go a step further and say that it is better to be a little crazy than "not think" like everyone else.

We seem to be getting to a point where people don't want to be challenged any more. They develop an opinion, belief or attitude about some topic and then seek out communication ONLY with people who share that opinion. The paradigm has become: if you share my world view we can be friends, otherwise you are crazy.

It is sad because I tend to believe that people used to be more civil about differing ideas. If you are open to actually listening to people who have differing attitudes, it is actually possible to learn new things. Occasionally, you might even experience some shift in a personally held belief or opinion.

All of that is predicated on thoughtful dialog. It doesn't happen when people scream, shout and insult one another personally (e.g. You're crazy).

Here's to you Nyx39😊. Stay "crazy" open-minded and receptive. It's the only cure for the common Internet coversation

We all have our own beliefs and I am not here to say who is right and who is wrong and for someone to call you crazy is not right keep being who you are you will be fine

"I got told" /)__.

Always amazes me the people who are so tolerant. As their faith dictates they SHOULD be!!

You should've asked to to explain in detail what they meant.

Same here

What's your thoughts?

Whenever someone makes that kind of comment I cannot help but think they are talking about his/her self. Obviously they don't know me well enough to know exactly what kind of crazy I am!!

"Tell me all your thoughts on God, because I'd really like to meet her".

being a little crazy makes life more enjoyable

Yes it does