waking up after a one night stand and realize his MUM made breakfast...

i mean it was great... but still somewhat awkward....

well at least i had pancakes...
CynicGirl92 CynicGirl92
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haha - now i have heard everything


that's just awesome. can't beat that combo.

A cute story , I have three daughter's so I know.
Mum must be a special woman . :-)



That's pretty cool.

well i'm fixen to make me some eggs

Ha.....what a sleep over

Sounds like to me he had you for the night and she had you in the morning! Each in his and her own way! 😁

Uh, awkward xD

It's so funny !
Means she is asking you to marry him maybe??

Yea I'm sorry but there's no place to complain about free pancakes

Sounds like a good way to end it...pancakes are awesome

after 1 night stand ,tell us how many times you ride him :)

that would be TOTALLY awkward!


Sounds like living life to me. You got my full support. 😆