I believe in God and could talk about religion forever. if you don't believe in God, then that's your belief. just because I talk about God and my beliefs does not mean I'm forcing my beliefs on anyone else. catholics get a bad rep worse than atheists sometimes. I don't judge you for your beliefs, dont judge me for wanting to praise God. thanks.
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I sit in my own lil group i believe there maybe some one or some thing i just don't like who or what ever it is

Don't be so defensive. Just enjoy watching them squirm.

The god were , is and will be forever

I believe in God, but not the Judaeo/Christian model...

This is an interesting post. If indeed you are open minded you may hear things you are not taught.


Shouting is behavior not necessary especially when in defense of your right to be misled by Pharisee Saul, Constantine and Martin Luther.


What is God? He fulfills wishes.
That's God for me.

If I got a wish. I ask God for help.
My definition of God ends here.

Amen! 🙌🏼

Amen comes from AMON an Egypt God. He was recieved as the king of the Gods.
Amon may have been originally one of the eight deities of the Hermopolite creation myth; his cult reached Thebes, where he became the patron of the pharaohs by the reign of Mentuhotep I (2008–1957 bce). At that date he was already identified with the sun god Re of Heliopolis and, as Amon-Re, was received as a national god. Represented in human form, sometimes with a ram’s head, or as a ram, Amon-Re was worshipped as part of the Theban triad, which included a goddess, Mut, and a youthful god, Khons. His temple at Karnak was among the largest and wealthiest in the land from the New Kingdom (1539–c. 1075 bce) onward. Local forms of Amon were also worshipped at the Temple of Luxor on the east bank of Thebes and at Madīnat Habu (Medinet Habu) on the west bank.

Amon’s name meant the Hidden One, and his image was painted blue to denote invisibility. This attribute of invisibility led to a popular belief during the New Kingdom in the knowledge and impartiality of Amon, making him a god for those who felt oppressed.

Amon’s influence was, in addition, closely linked to the political well-being of Egypt. During the Hyksos domination (c. 1630–c. 1523 bce), the princes of Thebes sustained his worship. Following the Theban victory over the Hyksos and the creation of an empire, Amon’s stature and the wealth of his temples grew. In the late 18th dynasty Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) directed his religious reform against the traditional cult of Amon, but he was unable to convert people from their belief in Amon and the other gods, and, under Tutankhamen, Ay, and Horemheb (1332–1292 bce), Amon was gradually restored as the god of the empire and patron of the pharaoh.

priest of Amon [Credit: Photograph by Katie Chao. Brooklyn Museum, New York, Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund, 52.89]In the New Kingdom, religious speculation among Amon’s priests led to the concept of Amon as part of a triad (with Ptah and Re) or as a single god of whom all the other gods, even Ptah and Re, were manifestations. Under the sacerdotal state ruled by the priests of Amon at Thebes (c. 1075–c. 950 bce), Amon evolved into a universal god who intervened through oracles in many affairs of state.

The succeeding 22nd and 23rd dynasties, the invasion of Egypt by Assyria (671–c. 663 bce), and the sack of Thebes (c. 663 bce) did not reduce the stature of the cult, which had acquired a second main centre at Tanis in the Nile River delta. Moreover, the worship of Amon had become established among the inhabitants of Kush in the Sudan, who were accepted by Egyptian worshippers of Amon when they invaded Egypt and ruled as the 25th dynasty (715–664 bce). From this period onward, resistance to foreign occupation of Egypt was strongest in Thebes. Amon’s cult spread to the oases, especially Siwa in Egypt’s western desert, where Amon was linked with Jupiter. Alexander the Great won acceptance as pharaoh by consulting the oracle at Siwa, and he also rebuilt the sanctuary of Amon’s temple at Luxor. The early Ptolemaic rulers contained Egyptian nationalism by supporting the temples, but, starting with Ptolemy IV Philopator in 207 bce, nationalistic rebellions in Upper Egypt erupted. During the revolt of 88–85 bce, Ptolemy IX Soter II sacked Thebes, dealing Amon’s cult a severe blow. In 27 bce a strong earthquake devastated the Theban temples, while in the Greco-Roman world the cult of Isis and Osiris gradually displaced that of Amon.

I don't see why Jehovah would have amen (supposedly another God) at the end of every single book in the bible. But ok

After listening to all this questionable stuff for a while and finally set free I say RAMEN because I'm hungry.

Which is why amen means "so be it true"

Tell me. Did you make up the above? You're creative you should be a writer

If you are asking me. I didn't knew the meaning.
But when we go to church or temples we ask for what we want.

I didn't make up, I just told you what I do.
Thanks for the compliment.

Who are you?

You just can't pray for whatever you want. GOD is concerned with specific things. Not that you are not entertaining him asking for stuff not allowed. For example, you can't ask him for a husband. What do you want? Ask him to hijack some guys free will and give him to you? He won't do that as it is outside his own laws. You can ask for opportunity and by your own means convince him to be yours.

No, it is very well know in Egyptian history. Study it. Amen means End. that is why they say it at the end. The cross is the symbol of the End. Religion is based completely on the End. You could also say it means, and so it'll be it. Like more sarcastic like For Jesus at the End crusified on the cross saying like "oh well, people will never learn it any way", so he fortuned the End and an horrible end. Jehovah is the God of revenge. So if you do not obey the law God takes revenge. This we also know as the karma law. You get what your gave to others and you reap what you sow etc. Not a very interesting God by the way anyway. A God of revenge is just the law of nature and nothing more. Obey and you are a slave of God. So this angel that disobey God did get in revolt as an rebellion and religion call that wrong. So who judge will be judged. Yes so is the rebellion Jesus him self a rebellion and a fallen angel himself who went to hell but conquered hell. A taboo for christians. But if you forgive it will you be forgiven. But people can not forgive and it shall them not be forgiven. See Jesus kept the law intact and never distroyed it like the 10 commants of Moses. So it is not as if we can do as we are pleasing cause nobody is above God. Only through Jesus there can be forgiveness given or salvation. But if you judge you are allready be judged because Jesus knows the Nature of God and Loves God because he understands God and he is the only one who understands God and the law of nature and further nobody cause that is a mistery for people and so they can just believe and become a slave of God or else but get punished themselves if they hate the rebellions and curse them. Jesus was a rebellion and understands the rebellions. So that does not mean we must become well-behaved obiedent slaves of God. Even Moses said to the Jewish people God hate slaves and the Jewish wish to live as slaves of God. So Mosus said God did not even liked his own out chosen people. But who forgive can be forgiven. And Moses blamed the Jews he could not enter Kanaan the promised land of one mistake he had made because of the behavior of the Jewish people. So God means law. We obey the law while we better could understand the law and that is never the case. Now christians life like robots obey as slaves the law. Jesus was a live because he was not a slave of the law but understood the law and therefor became and act human while christians act not human but as robots to hope they go to heaven.

Not reading that.

That you said Amen does that concider that you are a Christian? What kind of a Christian are you. I am very curious about it at least if you are a Christian.

Amen amen amen amen amen amen amen yes I'm a Christian.

I think it's you need to do some further research.

Also I'm pretty sure you saw that article and copied and pasted it.

I highly doubt you figured that on your own

Well I never truly saw anyone talking more higher inspired then you do. Yee. Well hope for you you anyway go to heaven.

I appreciate that but what do you mean by higher inspired?

Well to the bottum line where do we need religion for if we speak with no soul and no higher inspiration?

Religion is the foundation of my life's house. And the caulk and bricks and roof

Well good for you then. Have a nice time.

Where truth exists there is no real need for religion. In that case we only need GOD.

If you are a true Christian follower of Paul then STFU because women should have no opinion other than the one a man gave them 1 Corinthians 14:34

Much of what you speak here is of the free will of man and man's inadequate understanding. If you would rather have the sane understanding I suggest messaging rather than open forum so as not to inflame the Troglodytes. Of course the children of Israel were influenced of Egypt in their enslavement. However. Much of your further understanding is warped or a little lame as it was put back then. In truth I believe it can be straightened out as you possess two things. Free will and a somewhat open mind.

You did not follow the etiology of the word back far enough and suspect you as most Christians are merely repeating what you are told. The word goes back to the captivity in Egypt and her hypothesis can be supported where as your dogma not. Christians are like sheep following as they believe Iesus to the father but in reality they have always been following the Pharisee Saul to the blood sacrifice. Deception.

If you're an atheist why are you on this thread pestering myself? Go to an atheist thread and share your opinions there. Because like myself the other Christians here don't care.

Atheists are so proactive and quarrelsome in nature.

I do not know who you believe to be an atheist. If it is I you could not be more wrong. I had been an agnostic and then a christian agnostic but these days I am simply a savage called out of the wilderness to explain to Christians why both GOD and Iesus are angry with them. If it is her you think an atheist she also appears not to be and only lacks elevation. I post on threads concerning GOD and Iesus because no longer will people only hear the lies.

The Hebrew word “amen” originally derives from another Hebrew word of similar meaning: ʼāmán. It is sometimes theorized, probably incorrectly, that this Hebrew word has its origins in the Egyptian god Amun, which is also sometimes spelled “Amen”. However, most scholars think this is a mere coincidence and that there is no real connection between the two.
Amen was eventually ported from the Hebrew language to Greek then ultimately to Late Latin by Grecian theologians, who were translating the Bible, and finally to Arabic and English.
Amen isn’t just used by Christians and Jews; it is also popularly used by Muslims in pretty much the same way it is used by Jews and Christians.

I mean seriously. This is exactly what I was telling you about earlier :)

Who me? I just wanted to point out to the one who shared all the Egyptian info that scholars believe it isn't connected it is a coincidence..

No I was referring to the above. ;)

Ahhh ok lol :)

Just because most scholars believe it to be mere coincidence does not make it so. Most archaeologists believe in the Bearing Straight Ice corridor theory for the population of the Americas and that is unraveling as I speak. I just have degrees in Anthropology Linguistics and Psychology but I also think outside the box. I must be wrong though just a voice crying out in the wilderness. A savage erroneously called an atheist.

You put something out as fact when there is proven doubt about it. You based a huge post upon this information you put out as fact. That is all I was point out - that your post was based upon opinion not fact.

Impressive. Christians do not believe in researching history because it may cast light to fall on believed delusions. One of the greatest Christian deluders was the father of the Holy Roman Empire, Constantine 1. His unsubstantiated conversion miracle was false and until his death he was a Sun Worshiper not a Son worshiper. The infallibility of the bible back then was in question due to his undue influences in it's creation and even today tampering can be shown with absolutely evidence. The NIV, RSV, and revised RSV touted to be a removal of arcane language from the KJV 1613 in fact engaged in serious mistranslated and omission deception. This is history from the 1950s and done by the men who hold copy write on said books. This is a problem because it is supported wholly by myth that Includes the myth that Saul the Pherisee and Constantine were appointed of GOD despite not a single witness stands for them. Even today in the United States the system of law is based on the Judeo system of two witnesses. All of this is held up by the single belief of infallibility. That of the Pope, the Bible and Christian belief.. I also guarantee this is so entrenched that today when it matters it can not be changed Besides dear Pisces you are female and need to keep your mouth shut and seek the dumbest man you can find to speak for you. Truth blazes as a fire and also soothes as water.

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Same lol but i know that will never happen

I have no problem with any religion that teaches peace and also does not teach their followers to go out and try to convert others. I have no problem what you do in your own life and beliefs but when it infringes upon my rights, the laws or my childrens rights and or gets shoved in my face as something I have to believe that is when I have a problem.
I don't care if people talk about it or pray in public but if I am explaining top my child why someone is praying to an invisible being that has no basis in fact or science I do not expect to be sanctioned by the believers. When it is brought into my life I will deal with it as I see fit...
In saying that I have religious friends and that is not a problem because they do not expect me to convert or believe.. they don't tell me they will pray for me or my family or that we should accept the holy fluffy bunny into our lives or go to the fur factory hell where all baby fluffy bunnies are tortured for eternity ...

I respect that. I don't agree with it but we don't all have to agree with each other is kind of my point. we can talk about what we believe and even debate things but there is no need to get ugly about it. thank you for posting

I respect your free will to choose for yourself and your children. It is however different when offering opinion to a wider population than you and your children as here in an open forum. Baseless claims hold no water and a claim that the idea of a Creator has no basis in fact or science shows a very limited level of science. I in fact am a scientist and would explain something said to be biblical scientifically. In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and the word was GOD. Let's examine what this says scientifically. In the beginning says, Time was, Space and Matter, the word (a word is a vibration and vibration is), Motion, and the word was with GOD, Time Space Matter and Motion are together and the word was GOD, Intelligence. I had one scientist say he agreed with everything but Intelligence. In other words either Intelligence does not exist or it does not exist outside of him which makes him wholly irrelevant. You may believe that Creation (which you can not actually deny without denying all existence) is all by accident. Then you can say a Creator is accident but it does not scientifically or in fact deny a Creator. There is no need to address someone outside religion from within religion or any reason to demand anyone follow religion. Those within religion most often misunderstand or simply follow someone else's lead and belief. In fact hell of any kind is a delusion and the more enlightened within Christianity know this to be true. I myself am outside religion and have no interest in religion other than to help those lost in religion. I am interested in truth and truth resonates and agrees with truth. I place no demands on you and if I did not help you at least my words did not seek to cajole or hinder you. Peace.

So tell 10 things about yourself excluding any religious reference

I guess people nowadays avoid this topic,religion..it causes so much debate,arguments and no one wins but disappointments and provokes anger..

sadly that is true. and If we had more open minded and accepting people in this world, it wouldn't be so bad but everyone thinks they're right. lol

Tolerance..that's all we need Miss...Tolerance...if we can only apply this word into action,we could possibly live a better world..a better world for you and me and for the next generation to come..(sounds like a michael jackson song lol)

very well said even though i dont believe i still think we go to heaven when we pass but what i will say that there are people out there that do try to force religion on you which i hate but most of the time most people who are religious dont i know many people that believe and i get along with them very well so for my final say just keep up what you are doing :)

Well , said and agree with you completely. I love to talk to those who don't believe, well listen for than talk. I want to understand them better and how they think, it is rally easy for be talk with them as I used to be one of them myself.

Well said. Open mindedness means you will listen, it doesn't imply agreement at all. Christians have been attacked for their beliefs not only here but throughout history. Most people out there who preach tolerance don't practice it.

Yes exactly.

The door swings both ways on this - there are many Religious that attack not only those that aren't religious at all but others from different religions as well.. intolerance is a human condition not an atheist/religious one :(

And the door does swing either way. I have seen blatant attacks either way. If there is a group marked "I am Christian" or "I am Atheist" or I am whatever, that is not a place meant for rebuttal. Those who are strong in their beliefs are not apt to change their mind.

I'm not saying it doesn't. But to me, I constantly see atheists making posts about how stupid Christians are and how stupid religion is. And to me, that's disrespectful to my religion and God.
And you're damn right I'm going to comment on it and defend.

That's the only time I feel the need to say something to atheists. But they are so quarrelsome and provoking.
I think they want to get a rise out of people.

When I make a negative comment about a religion I personally do it in an Atheist forum -(even tho I am not an atheist) I don't go to religious forums and attack them... that is their place - not sure why anyone wants to infringe upon another group to attack them when they are having their own conversations amongst themselves... * shrugs*

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I do judge you, whether intentionally or not, just as you do me.

you mean judging internally, yes. everyone does whether they want to or not. but I'm talking about expressing my beliefs. you want to disagree, that's fine. I like a good debate but it's frustrating when a religious person is talking about their God and they are called close minded and judgemental. it's a pre determined judgement that came with expressing religious beliefs. :/

You have a right to your religion. The thing I have a problem with is it being taught in public schools and it being the "justifiable" cause of so much hate. Christians are literally getting laws passed that allows them to openly discriminate against people.

as far as I know , they don't teach religion in schools unless you go to an actual Catholic school. but public schools can't teach religion. you actually have to send your kids to CCD for religion classes if you want them to get religion in and even them those classes are done at churches.

You haven't been to public schools in the south, then. They used to pray over the intercom at the school I graduated from.

Oh yeah I have only gone to school in NY and NC and in NC it was college so idk. all they do up north is pledge of allegiance and even then I think they took out the " one nation under GOD" part

It's a very different world here in the south. In these smaller towns it's basically a theocracy.

Oh I'm sure. I lived right near the bible belt for 5 years. but I got to say, some of the most accepting people I have met in my life are christians. also, I have atheist friends who are amazing... it's just that their are those few Christians out there who give the rest of us a bad rep and same with atheists, I have met some atheists who have a huge chip on their shoulder. and I'm not saying anyone is better than the other.. I just wish people would keep an open mind rather than just grouping Christians as one thing (jusgemental, close minded, bigoted, on a high horse ) and same goes for atheists or any other group of ppl.

Not in all countries, or even states, territories, cities within the same country... there are ones in Au and the US that force religion on kids and they are "public" schools.

I think religion has to be taught in school..basically,for us to be educated..to know the different religion thus prevent intolerance..

You don't need knowledge on things to prevent intolerance - that is an ideal. Also knowledge of religion doesn't equate to understanding. Not to mention which religions would you teach?

Example - most people who are not Hindu have no clue what the religion is about - yet are not intolerant to it or it's practitioners...

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No judgement here. I praise Him too, and thank Him for another day!!