There is a theory that there are 7 types of intelligences, by Howard Gardner. He believes each person has a unique blend of all the intelligences, with a dominate intelligence.
Linguistic - words/verbal- good at reading, writing and telling stories, as well as memorizing words and dates.
Musical - sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones. These people can sing, play instruments and compose music.
Visual/spatial - spatial judgement and the ability to visual the minds eye.
Logical/mathematical - abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking.
Body/kinesthetic - control of ones bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. Athletes, dancers etc.
Interpersonal - sensitivity to others moods, feelings, temperaments and motivations.
High empathy and communicate effectively with others. Also called emotional intelligence.
Interpersonal - self reflective capcities, deep understanding of self, strengths and weaknesses, ability to predict ones own emotions or reactions.

My dominate is interpersonal... I think most empaths fall in that category.
My weakest link...kinesthetic... Not a coordinated muscle in this body.
What's yours?
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I think I'm interpersonal although I don't always know how to deal with my emotions

Me too.. Intrapersonal would be in my bottom half. I find it interesting that those of us that are interpetsonal struggle with intrapersonal. Are you an empath?

Yeh I am what's intrapersonal

very interesting. thank you for posting. I think I have lots of work to do to improve myself.

Linguistic - words/verbal- 3.43
Musical - 3.29
Visual/spatial - 4.14
Logical/mathematical - 5
Body/kinesthetic - 2.88
Interpersonal - 4.29
Intrapersonal - 3.57

What quiz did you take? Looks like a good one the way it breaks it down.
I don't think you need to improve yourself!

you are too kind...thak you

I took a simple one at

Hmm, I'm not sure. Is there any like online quizzes for this?

Look at the post above yours and click on the link

Ok, thanks 👍


Just took the test. My results were:
Linguistic: 75%
Logic/Math: 44%
Visual/Spatial: 42%
Intrapersonal: 69%
Interpersonal: 88%
Musical: 63%
Bodily/Kinesthetic: 42%
Naturalistic: 33%.

Are you an empath?

I'd say so. But I'd also say I approach things more logically than it shows I do. :( boo test, boooo

I took this test and my dominant was kinesthetic but I ranged pretty high and even on them all.

That's awesome!!
Well rounded!
How about music?

I played the tenor saxophone in high school and took up guitar later in life but I wouldn't consider myself musically inclined.

That's cool! I played clarinet but I don't think I have much musical ability :) I definitely can't sing!

Lol me either! I can whistle though lol

Add me! You seem really cool and funny...

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What comes naturally: linguistic, logical and interpersonal. I work on the body so that instinct takes over, but it's not a natural skill for me. Now for sucking, that's musical. My skills are right up there with Tiny Tim 😃

Do you have the link for this test?

There are a bunch of them! If you google it you can go through them and find the one you want to take..

I am very familiar with Gardner's theory, and I think its very spot on. I am also interpersonal/emotional. But I do have strong linguistic and spatial traits. But my strongest (and often self-despised strong hold is emotional/interpersonal).. being an Empath is certainly not a party..

Excellent post.. Thank you..

I have strong linguistic and visual spatial as well. I'm a visual spatial learner. I bet those three are commonly grouped together.

Thats amazing.. I would absolutely agree, they are probably part of the package. A new insight.. excellent!


This is really interesting. I've never heard of this but now want to read up on it. I think my dominant is linguistic and the weakest is logical/mathematical (never great at math). Thanks for posting. Very insightful.

Math is not my strong suit either!!
Glad you enjoyed...

I'd like to know how that works

What do you mean?

Same as you .....I'm just like Caitlyn Jenner, only without a trace of athletic skills


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