I am open minded to a point. When my head falls back and my brain is starting to fall out then that is time for me to rethink my previous thoughts and/or activities. You will never see the comment "Stupid" stamped or written on my forehead.
When it comes to voting in any election, I will always do my homework by researching for and against the candidates running, their voting records, weigh their values and issues they strongly believe in, then and only then will I vote my choices for public office according to my own values and issues systems. I have voted for opposite party candidates, but not very often, and regardless of one's race. I have been an American citizen for 16 years and I have never missed a government election ever. It is extremely important that all U.S. citizens vote. If you fail to vote, then shut the hell up about who is going to be elected to what office. You have nothing to say about this process. It is very pathetic when only approximately 30% vote in our elections. By the way, I come from Europe; specifically from England.
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