I am a very open minded person, I embrace everything and anyone, I go with the flow, I'm down for whatever....but it seems my wife is having a hard time opening up. Any thoughts or comments from women would be great.

I'm trying everything I can think of to have her feel...free. I'm supportive, I shut the tv off and listen..not fix her problems, I make dinner, clean the dishes after and am trying very hard to make her feel comfortable. It seems to be something I can't crack? Any thoughts?
Aquafresh94 Aquafresh94
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1 Response Feb 23, 2016

give her space. don't push what won't open. don't make promises unless you know for sure you can keep them. let her do her and you do you

if you push too hard, you might break what you want most

Ok. That makes sense. I thought being together for as long as we have would prompt some opening. I can now finally share anything with her and she still holds back with caution. I'm not going to force anything she doesn't want to express. It has been that way. But all in all we both know this and are working on it together. We are basically re-discovering each other in a sense. And other words of advice?

message me to talk about it further