Have you ever tried to **** a horse?
snugglybunny snugglybunny
22-25, F
13 Responses Mar 3, 2016

Would love to watch you **** one ;)

What if that horse knocked you up? Then you might have a Centaur, Sweet!

Omg didn't think of that awesome

No but would not mind watching a girl get bred by one

would you like to jerk one off or suck it off.

Be very careful X


Playing with horses maybe try a big ***** lol x

Wtf is x?

If you cannot find a man with a big **** buy a ***** lay down and enjoy x

What does x mean?

X kiss

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I'm ashamed to say I have not

I prefer people.


Something tells me no mask is needed for proper effect.


Oh baby you get it 😘

Lol, hahahaha!!!

I actually laughed at this. Thanks

Be careful, they kick.

You done it then?

Oh **** she did it. Tell us!!!!!!!

No, can't say I have. What about you?


This something you want to try or just thinking out loud ? lol !

Yeah it's a bucket list item of mine

Really? WOW !!! Would love to watch that one !! So, ummm. K9???

Sure yeah it's happened

Really? OK. PM me and talk about it?


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Do a female horse or male horse do you?

Any one

Not yet... Are you free?

Yeah just let me find my horse mask...