I believe everybody deserves a chance to have their side of the story heard. We've all done things we're not proud of, but were given the chance to fix them. Extend that offer to others.
JackMann JackMann
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That depends if what they done can be fixed. I'm all for both sides of the story being told. But what some people do just can't be fixed no matter how hard they try and depending on the situation it's the person who didn't cause the situation who has to deal with the issues

That's very true, perhaps I phrased it badly. The intent behind what I said was "we shouldn't force people to pay for their mistakes forever and never give them a chance to atone".

That's a bit better lol. But even then you get the odd few who continuously do the same thing over n over again

There are repeat offenders, but the fact they continue to make the same decisions calls into question whether they fit into the originally-proposed group of "people who have made mistakes they regret".

True very true

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