I am open minded but I have my limits at rape and child ****.
manicbombart manicbombart
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This isn't about being open minded in my opinion. Open minded has to do with choices for your own life. Not choices afflicted on others. I'm down for you being into whatever you desire as long as it doesn't hurt others.

Child ****? I doubt that even legally exists online.

Oh trust me it exists but not legally

Probably in some dark backward countries but I don't think it exists online.

internet is full of it dont be so naive. Sexual slave trafficking exists even in the morst first world countries. do some reading.

That is pretty naive. I've personally seen it on 4chan. It was horrible. But it wasn't images of some backwards country, it was a white child in a middle class looking bedroom.
Don't underestimate how much abuse goes on in supposedly civilized countries.

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