Deep thoughts, with Attuma (formerly Jack Handy).

Do you ever wonder why women call men dogs? I guess we are loyal to a fault, great at cuddling, always excited to see you, drool over food, hairy, and will protect you at all costs.

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2016

Very astute comparison. I might add, we like to lick.

I beg your pardon, but I am a man not a dog. I have a heart and a brain!

Dogs also have a heart and a brain, dogs use there heart and brain a lot better than most men.

Wow...I really have no idea how people can say that. Proof why dogs have bigger hearts and more open minds. My dogs don't look at my cats and go 'you suck' they dont even bother that they're cats, they all just cuddle up and accept them as part of the pack.

Have you ever had cats? Haha I'm definitely more inclined to think the cats may be plotting haha 😊

Well... You did say you don't like cats. I may be forced too plot with my little army of cats haha 😃 I'm sure the dogs will try to join in too...

I don't like to argue. 😊 friendly banter is all.

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