I have had alot happen in my life and i have seen alot and I can honestly say that I accept everything and anything you tell me does that make me naive.... No not all with my mind being so open I am able to make better connections, a chance to learn something I didn't and understand things that wouldn't have made since to a simple mind
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what do you think honestly of guys wearing leggings and or yoga pants ?

I say hell yea do it if you got the body for it because personally i would never be able to pull off either lol but also do it if it makes you happy or comfortable whatever the reason if that's what you like hell yea high five man

I'm like brown hair , around 170 pound 5 feet 7 inches pree average guy ? witch one should I start with tho ? are yoga pants more unisex than leggings ?

why not start with leggings.... start out with a bang :)

ya I know but I'm too shy ☺️

Awww well then go with yoga pants :)

okay :) all give it a shot

Awesome :)

just one more question , do u think I can wear that to school ? and what if people say something ?

I think you can but they will probably send you home and tell you to change and if people say something just simply say hey this makes me happy if you can't be happy with me then take your negativity to somebody who cares to hear it

forgot to mention college not school sorry

College should be very open but if not like i said tell them you are happy wearing what you are wearing and unless it is making people die from some sort of heart failure they should just deal with it

awesome thanks :)

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Could I tell you in private, is that ok?

Yes definetly

so true... the idea of being open mindedness is to understand and learn new things. people take it in a different way when they hear the word "open mindedness"

Very true