I'm up for most things in life but feel caught in a confined marriage. There's so much in life to experience and I want to experience a lot of things. The problem having a closed minded partner is theirs no freedom to be the real me. But I made a vow and o feel bound to it.
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Why would you get married if you can't even be yourself around that person & it's confining?

So the same question applies to the one you're married to then.

I know! We all need to communicate better. We all hide out secret desires.

There are many people that feel this way, especially in mid-life. It's human nature. You have to decide how "confined" you're willing to be....that is entirely up to you. If you feel so bound that you're willing to relinquish your own happiness, then perhaps work on finding peace with it.

What's worse, rescinding your vow openly and telling your partner you want a divorce, or eventually feeling so desperate and upset that your repressed desires come out and you break the vow in secret? Just be brave and open about what you want from life, you could die at any moment, life is too short to not live it.

See why I'm not married at 48?

Come on over here and put your feet up in my lap. 😉 C'mon, don't be shy. 😀

You need to get to VEGAS, Dude! 😯

it sounds to me depression and a but of midlife crisis creeping in. I would think long and hard about your decisions because your a stage in life that you could lose a lot. If I were you I would start to have conversations with your wife about what she wants from life, talk to her about her goals, wants, desires and where she would like her life to at in 5 to 10 years. you may find some common ground to work towards together.

You speak of your vow but no mention of love? Has that left the marriage as well..

So why would you want to stay in that kind of marriage, been there and done it and if you're not happy you need to make the changes to find peace of mind..staying because of vows is living a lie and internet affairs or real ones don't fill that void either..

There will always be someone that it will affect but you're entitled to be happy and life is too short to constantly put yourself second to everyone else..

Take your time and decide what you want for the rest of your life then make the changes to work towards it. You've raised your children they will be fine and ultimately wan you to be happy.

I know it's hard I did it myself finally last year.. it was harder for those around me to accept than myself because I'd had years to accept it was over.

Have so been there!!

Living your life to please everyone else is hard. And most don't even notice!

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