~Peeping J

“Why are you looking in there, No one is allowed to see that place but me,” she boldly shouted to him, even though shouting didn’t seem to faze him. He was extremely too close to all those secret things she had tucked away in the back of her mind. He was like some kind of mind reader or something. His questions and responses were on point every time.
He was standing in the filing room, looking through the filing cabinets in her mind, trying to find something, or everything, she wasn’t really sure. Would he become like the others? Would he use what he finds against her? These questions were a constant torment. This scared her.
She sat quietly at her desk and listen to him fumble around in her thoughts, she felt helpless, all while he felt empowered. All that he was finding in that damn room was making her head hurt; the shame, the lies, the hard truths….it was all there in black and white, for all to see, but he was the only one who found access to that room. This confused her.
He must have taken a break from searching her depth, because for the first time, since he arrived, she felt peace. She knew he would be back, it was only a matter of time……she patiently waited.
Weeks had passed no sign of him, no sign of the shame, no sign of the lies, and no sign of the pain of the past. The peeping J that was in her mind, had cleaned out all the files that were the cause of her torment for so long. Vulnerability never felt so good. She began to live again.
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