Humans Today:

What has every happened to open minded people?

I look around every day only to find one dimensional minds.

These people walk around scarred little pitiful animals with there tails between there legs afraid to be judged or to even confront other people who hurt them. Dont just hide your feeling and keep getting hurt stand up for yourself you have that right! . I have this to say today…

Human kind makes me sick.    -.-

MariahArmstrong MariahArmstrong
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Good on you for saying that. Back in the nineties I heard someone say on Bernard Pivot's television program that he had no hope left for the world because the Holocaust happened as an event. What can one say to a survivor of that then? The whole studio audience fell silence for a full two minutes or so. It scared me a lot at the time that a studio full of clever people and a table full of highly inteligent French intellectuals couldn't bring anything against it. Perhaps we're in a period of doubt and uncertainty, but I do still believe in hope and in the genious of mankind to creature true beauty or to simply survive.