Help Open My Mind.

Im at a crossroads in my life. Im graduating college. Im moving from a life that I have made here and not moving back to the life I had before. Im re-thinking everything I thought I knew for certain. Im revisiting every kernel of knowledge I held true and re evaluating everything.I want to see life like I never have. I want to see life from 10000 angles- right, wrong, or otherwise.


So heres the deal: Im looking for perspective from strangers. I'm asking a simple question and hoping the cyber world will respond. What words do you live by?

This can mean so many things: a phrase, a philosophy, a picture ( I mean its a 1000 words right?), a movie, a song, a story. I want to know anything that has guided you or given you perspective.

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  So comment or email me at and I will post them anonymously  

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2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

asking why can be your downfall. the world holds infinite wonders and sometimes its best to just accept things without over thinking them. <br />
<br />
This that we are is a mystery.<br />
Everything is both an invitation to and an ex<x>pression of that mystery. <br />
there's nothing that isn't that.<br />
it's all that. This is that.<br />
You dont need to wake up,<br />
you don't need to be enlightened because you already are you just haven't realized it yet.

i believe everything happens for a reason and you learn from every experiance you have weather its positive or negitive... just go with the flow.. take risks! dont just sit on the couch and do nothing! just go do it