Cfnm Request

I have always found CFNM experiences erotic and had many accidental and planned experiences from my early twenties on but I never knew what the females thought of it untill one day I was talking to a female housemate about nudism. Upon finding out I was a nudist she told me of her only nudist experience which was a CFNM one. It happened one holiday when her, two female friends and three male friends went on a holiday to a secluded beach house. The girls got talking about what was under the guys trunks so planned to find out. The plan was simple they were all close friends and the girls were nurses so they guided the conversation that night around nudity, how they had seen so many naked guys in so many states of arousal. They then guided the conversation to how easy it was for guys comapred to girls to be naked as for the guys it was all out front anyway. The next day the girls went topless with just thongs and demanded since they were showing off their private bits the guys should drop their shorts.The guys obliged and the girls then offered to put sunscreen on their backs and rares to ensure they didn't get sunburnt. Needless to say the guys got erections and the girls found out the guys' sizes. But from then on in the guys never got dressed for the rest of the holiday. My housemate said she just loved watching their penises swinging along while they walked and get how they grew when they were aroused. One of the guys became her boyfriend after the holiday mainly because she knew what she was getting.

She told me she loved looking at naked guys penises so if I wanted to walk around naked it was fine with her. So I did but as always I am nervous when naked in front of a women at first so I get serious shrinkage still we had some great conversations. As time went on I was more comfortable so less shrinkage and there was no doubt she was more interested. Then one day we were watching a movie with a lot of nudity in it and I got an erection. She looked at it and smiled. From then on occasionaly I would have a hard on in front of her. This must have got her going as she told me how once she went to a male ******** show where the guys ******** down to their g-strings then fully ******** in a way only one women chosen from the crowd could see their privates and touch them and how this annoyed her as what was the good of only looking.

I never go past just showing it off and I know think most women want to touch it. I think women are very tactile orientated so it drives them mad to only be able to look and not touch. Having someone wanting to touch you so badly is one of the greatest turn-ons and why I am always open to a CFNM experience.
k1nudey k1nudey
41-45, M
Jul 16, 2010