Cfnm Photo Shoot

A few years ago I was bored and horny (a bad combination lol), and I was chatting with someone I'd met on MySpace. We were flirting a bit and I mentioned that I was into CFNM stuff and wanted to actually do something real. She said that she was an amateur photographer and had done a few nude shoots before, and that she'd take some of me if I wanted. I agreed, and we talked a few more times to make sure we'd both be comfortable.

Finally the night came and she arrived at my house. I was too embarrassed to answer the door naked, but she came in and we sat and talked for a bit. I told her that I wanted some of me soft in addition to hard, but didn't think it was likely I'd be soft at all. She said that I should just get naked and hang out with her that way for a while to relax before we started. I agreed, but before I could even get my belt unbuckled I was completely hard. I remember being insanely nervous as my boxers cleared my erection and it snapped up against my stomach as I finally got completely naked. It was pretty surreal sitting on the couch, or walking around, naked and completely hard while this stranger was clothed and talking to me.

Turns out she was right, I actually did calm down and get more comfortable, so once I was soft we started taking pictures. We took some with my semi-clothed, and then with less and less clothes until I was posing totally naked. I managed to stay flaccid for about 15 minutes, but then I couldn't help it and got hard again. I figured I might as well make use of it, so I asked her to get some close ups. There was one in particular that still turns me on thinking about it - I was sitting on the floor with my legs spread and my back against the wall, and her camera couldn't have been more than six inches from my penis. She was giving me directions, like "put your hand around your penis (I'd told her earlier that I find it hotter when it's referred to as a penis over anything else) and bend it towards me," point the head towards me," and "pull on your shaft so your balls bounce."

We probably took a few hundred shots, and I got a CD with the best hundred on them. That was the only time I've ever let someone I don't know have pictures of me naked with my face in them - I'm a little more circumspect now though. We never did anything sexual, and she never touched me, but it was an incredible experience; just the memory of it is still awesome!
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Wow, thats a very brave thing to do. I don't think i would ever be able to do that !

fun experience


That is a great experience. I like that she knew what to tell you to do and got closeups.