I've Had Good Experiences

I've found in my experience, that given the right setting, most of the women that I have met have been open to cfnm when I've brought it up. Usually, in a non-threatening atmosphere such as at home (mine or theirs). I'll normally admit that I am a nudist (because I am), to see where they are at on the subject.

More often than not, I find that many women are comfortable with it and will even suggest sometimes that I should be comfortable since I am a nudist. I never try to force anything on anyone. Rather, if the woman is okay and comfortable with the idea, off come my clothes.

I love walking around naked in front of clothed women. Sometimes, they will disrobe as well, but usually, they don't, preferring instead to enjoy the sight of a naked man.

I've been naked in front of just about every woman that I become friends with...once even four at the same time...and yes....sometimes it leads to sex. While it's always nice if it does, that's not the main point for me. I just enjoy women looking at my naked body.
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That's really cool, I never thought to do that, wonder if my friends would mind...

You would be surprised at how open your female friends can be if approached in the right way.